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Stop sounds like air when I put the dip stick back in engine starts to squeal but it only happens when engine gets warm
my 2000 750 il wont go.It was crossed the wrong way when jump started and when it started eventually it ran on about 3 cylinders.No throttle response,then wont start at all.Trans failsafe and abs lights came ...
the leads were crossed the wrong way.It started and ran on id say 4 cylinders like a hairy pig.then trans failsafe and abs lights came up.It had no throttle response then died now wont start.Please help love driving t...
I found a leak on the side of my radiator and I had no heat. I added coolant to it and still no heat. It took a lot of coolant. I just replaced the radiator tonight and I still have no heat. I have checked the reservo...
When I first drive it after it has been sitting; it runs rough like it has an engine problem. Then, suddenly it returns to running well. It does not always happen either. All of the externals to the engine have been c...
low idle, misfires, burns rich, all spark plugs wet with fuel
When I open the door their is no power but when I put the key in the ignition to start it I get power and the car starts. But it eventually does the same thing. Tha car is just siting when it does this. I have already...
Are other parts required to be removed and what's the proceedure to refill cooling system? What coolent do I use and how much mixture with water? Please provide any other info that would help me change my themostat? ...
Is there anyway one can hel me out?
I dont have the money to go to the shop and i have spent days searching for an answer but i need step by step directions on how to change my rear shock
my car runs fine but when I press the gas pedal nothing happens.
I know it is a 3 hour job so it must be somewhat complex.
I need to find a diagram on the fule & emissions on a 1998 bmx 740il. is the fuel filter inside or outside of the gas tank?
is it posible to replace soleoiod valves inside the transmissin without taking it out?
Car idles low and misfire when accelerating to next gear. Also burns up alot of gas.
the switch that changes it from manual to automatic shifting for transmission seems to be out. It doesnt want to go into first but then shifts but even at that you can only push gas pedal you cant use gear shift
the correct position of the thermostat
When engine idling occasionally there is a noise that sounds like a belt slipping but have replaced tensioner and both belts. Could it be a pump?
love the car, but, the alarm keeps going off for no reason. Once I get it started the alarm takes a while to turn off and then the trip mileage resets itself. Now, the outside temp says -45 and then climbs up to whate...
this v12 has 85,000 mi and sat for a couple years it did run out of gas once and just had the battery changed. when it cranks it sound like it jumped time. do these engines go through timing belts/chains this quickly?
how do I change the low beam lamp?
The timing chain broke
this car has 2 fuel pumps and I took the fuel line off the fuel filter (before the filter) cranked the engine and no fuel come out of the line. I have checked the fuses to the pump and they are ok. If one pump quits...
Code appears on my OBC
factory shocks have failed need cost of replacing with standard shock and what type of shock absorber is best ?
how to disable srs indicator light
i have a 1989 bmw 750IL and i have two problems first 1 throttle body isnt working and second my abs light comes on when the car is warm and my wheels feel locked
runs rough when first starts like missing