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I was driving and had to turn back home the car lost power if you please would let me know what you think it is I would really apreciate
just remplaced battery on my 2005 BMW 745I,wich it was working fine before I changed it. however the car now isn't working right at all and the screen is showing a symbol( ENGINE MALFUNCTION POWER DOWN!) So I wander...
After about 10-15min waiting period car will start and run find but will go through this shut down cycle again and not crank for another 10-15min i am afraid to drive because it can stop on me in traffic is this a sen...
battery has juice but wont start and something about brake malfunction shows up
how would I know if my transmission fluid is full
My trunk won't close when I press the thick button, what can be he problem?
It jus says power module malfunction,engine failure loss/lack of power I took the battery off then put it back on now the inside lights are blinking on and off.... Please help... I just bought the car..
I have a intermittant dynamic drive inactive fault. The fault only occurs after the air temperature gets above 73 degrees. I have no fault in the AM when the car has sat overnight, but if the temp is above 73F, after ...
2003 BMW 745i - Extended warranty is refusing to pay for cost of replacement. Thanks. Part #24347588725 Sealing Sleeve
I get a light that comes on: Driver Malfunction defaught seatbeat light comes on. What do I check.
the transmission light would come on when im sitting in traffic or if im driving hard, and sometime just driving to the store. less than 10 miles.
i need a estimate on how much its going to cost to have a bad pcv valve replaced on my 745i bmw..
Cant find the cig lighter fuse in my car looked at the one in the trunk to the right but no one for lighters.
when engaged in drive it wont move. it was towed and parked for about a year. the powersteering was leaking real bad. fix that problem; went to drive and wouldn't move, check fluid and it was does have a trou...
when engaged into drive it doesn't move. what could be the problem?
i won a 2003 bmw 745i and the radio comes off and on the nav and cd player doesnt work what would that be
I took this vehicle to he dealer to have an ailgnment done. The mech,,said eveyime he did the right side ,,,the left would not align,,,and vise versa. The tech said it had something to do w/ replacing the bushings. Is...
I have a 2002 745i and i woke up on mornin almost every light was on it included the caution light, a parkin brake fault light, the abs light, and a brake drive malfunction light... im tryin to figure out wat it would...