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i get warning in my car :suspension fluid lost and steering lost and thers a pic of the car sitting lopsided
i need a estimate on how much its going to cost to have a bad pcv valve replaced on my 745i bmw..
Cant find the cig lighter fuse in my car looked at the one in the trunk to the right but no one for lighters.
My vehicle has smoke coming from the left exhaust pipe while driving and also when left idleing. The repair ship found that my catalytic converter is bored out. How could that happen while driving???????
Drivers door leaking what I believe to be hydraulic fluid. Now the door does not seem to be as smooth as it should. Can someone enlighten me with the name of the part or and the remedy. Thanks
i need to change the upper timing hain gasket, valve cover gasket and alternator gasket
when engaged in drive it wont move. it was towed and parked for about a year. the powersteering was leaking real bad. fix that problem; went to drive and wouldn't move, check fluid and it was does have a trou...
when engaged into drive it doesn't move. what could be the problem?
i won a 2003 bmw 745i and the radio comes off and on the nav and cd player doesnt work what would that be
I took this vehicle to he dealer to have an ailgnment done. The mech,,said eveyime he did the right side ,,,the left would not align,,,and vise versa. The tech said it had something to do w/ replacing the bushings. Is...
I have two leaks on my 2002 bmw 745i. One is the alternator block plate gasket cover and the vaccum pump on my passenger side brakes. I need an estimate for repair if possible
i cant get the parking brake to release i did everything the book says but it want release and the light stays on
how to open the hood on a 2004 745i when the latch on the passenger won't open
my power steering and hydraulic fluid light came on and i dont know where to put the oil in at
I recently went for an oil change. the technician informed me that I had a small oil leak in the front underneath the vehicle.What could it be?
When I turn off the car and exit out of my car I have noticed the side exterior light bulb on the front and rear of the car is still on on the rightside of the car? Dealer said I have a malfunction? But I have no wa...
how do i turn off my airbag light
I have a 2002 745i and i woke up on mornin almost every light was on it included the caution light, a parkin brake fault light, the abs light, and a brake drive malfunction light... im tryin to figure out wat it would...
Where is the fuel filter located and is it something that someone can do with a little auto knowledge?
I just bought the car from a friend and did not have it checked out. Now the airbag light on the dash board stays on. He said it was nothing major, but I don't believe it.
hi, my cars computer said i need to replace the rear brake liners. I did, now I need to reset the computer on the car so the rear brake indicator turns green again instead of red. How do I reset. I have a 2002 bmw 745...
at first one head light went out but now both are out. replaced the bulbs but they still don't work any suggestions? by the way its the low beams and the high beams only work with the flash switch not the constant on...
the parking brake light stays on @ console. how to reset service engine light?
Do you have any suggestions for vehicle storage that would keep the battery from going dead besides pulling the back seat out and disconnecting the battery
my car blows a big puff of smoke when left idling and burning oil
why does the service light come on sometimes
the service light comes on about every other time you start the engine
a picture of the engine comes on about every third time you start the engine
how do you access the parking light bulb above the turn signal bulb in the headlight of a 2002 BMW 745i, it's bad and needs to be replaced.
when i drive my car and make a turn or press the gas hard eveything on my dash start going on an off