Car has only 75000 miles, has never been over 3000 RPM, babied & was going 60 MPH when steam came out from under car. Engine dies, had no warning lights did not overheat has never overheated.
New radiator because it started leaking.
Front of engine was wet & next day took 3 gallons of water,but will not start. Turns over fast, nothing.

Oil is clean, cant see why water came out.
What can get wet in 2 minutes to prevent it from starting.
Engine is very clean just had water on it as soon as it died.

I've just bought a bm740i rhd ..the suspension makes lots of noises over bumps.what can be damaged

Iwent to start my car today and unlocked itgot in it and went to start it up and then the car just went completely dead, the dashboard went off my key wont lock or do anything.

I have had the car for 10 years and lately it is performing very badly in drive...is it just getting tired or should i be looking at another problem. The S drive still is peppy. i have not changed plugs in 4 years and 40k miles but it seems to run fine.

recently changed the intake gaskets and did a tune up. Now its not idling smooth. Took it for a long drive and drives great and idles good at stop lights. checked for vacuum leaks and didn't find any.

I just replaced my battery in my 94 740iL. It drove fine for about 2 days, 65 miles worth. However, now on day 3, all the electronic control lights are coming on again, and when I attempt to turn, the anti lock system kicks in and wont allow me to make a sharper turn, its quite scary when your in a lot of traffic. It only happens when I try to turn. When I am driving straight, the suspension leveling warning comes on the dash display, but the other lights stay off. I am completely out of ideas, and I am terrified that it is going to be an extensive fix. Someone please help!!

The gages light up but the blower never turns on I checked the fuse and it looks good so whats causing it not to work

Need to see video on how to replace control arm

there was oil in boot on my #7 spark plug which is where my misfire was detected.

Just runs good I parked it every body wants to buy it shop says need new motor $5500.what the ----! Need help please!
Some people say oil cooler or radiator? Mech cracked head or block head gasket crank motor as it runs keep adding water it's going into motor

Car creeps

Trams fail safe comes on and car creeps goes it second gear and runs fine

trying to install new rear seats and seat belts

Oil or trans cooler leaking water in oil oil is chocolate color

i bought a 1993 bmw modle 740 it was turning over but now nothing what could b the problum

leaking what do you suggest?

Changed plugs, coil packs,

I have a 1995 740iL and have not have any problems, it is my wife's car and she only does local driving 50miles max. on Dec 25th we took the car on a long trip and every 100miles the lower radiator hose would come off the radiator neck, I would replace the hose fill the radiator and drive another 100miles, same thing wold happen (speed was about 75mph). Any ideas? i am getting ready to do a combustion leak test (waiting for chemical UV560500).

No leaks anywhere. No white smoke. Engine runs great. Has 212,000 miles.

Shop discovered coolant leaks after valve caskets and crank case was changed last week on my car. They put in a new radiator and I just discovered it is still leaking like the one just changed. What's going on?

The problem happens all the time

132000 mi, radiator replaced

Cant pull out my break light. It seems to be stuck.

Changed fuel filter,still wont start

Screen is black, radio cuts in and out every 2 minutes. HELP

I have a 2001 740 IL i bought it brand new, I only have 90,000 miles on it.

Transmission was acting a little weird
shifting into low gear going up a very slight Incline no need to downshift.

Then one day while I was driving it shifted into low gear I believe it was third gear I was traveling about 45 mph
The rpm's went up to like 3500 so I took my foot off the accelerator and it seemed like I was in second gear so I tried to kick it out by accelerating, Didn't work so I stopped disconnected the battery and it started shifting just fine.

Did diagnostics no codes are showing

So I thought it was just a glitch until I got on the highway traveling about 70 mph going up an incline (Again no need to downshift) It downshifted took my foot off the accelerator and sure enough it was in fourth or third gear.

I shifted into neutral put it back In D
and it was fine for little while and the whole scenario started again.

I change the fluids flushed transmission it was doing good for a couple of days
then it started acting up a little bit.

I feel I was betrayed by my car...!

BMW said it could be the body transmission module $1500 plus labor to install But no guarantees that this will fix the problem or replace the transmission $6000 plus labor.

Can anyone HELP...!

Oh I almost forgot Had a cup of Coke in the cup holder and auto/manual transmission switch got very sticky
I don't know if this has anything to do it.


Radion stays on for a short time. Cuts off. will only come back on if you turn it off and on again.
GPS screen shows lines. If i charge the battery, it will come on but goes out again in an hour or two. I put a new battery...no help.