I have a knocking sound in the engine which is steady as long as the car is running.Analysis shows #3 cylinder is faulty.Check engine light is on all the time.A mechanic said there is oil coming in to the spark plug.Help!!!!

If I power it off and back on, it will work for 2-3 min then goes out again. Any idea why?!?

My raido will work for 3 minutes then shut off. I can turn off the knob then turn on again and it will work for another 3 min and go off. The GPS screen will not even come on unless its cold outside (45 deg)

Sometimes when I start the car, the seatbelt light stays on, and I then know that the radio won't work, the steering wheel will move up and down while driving, the windshield wipers won't work, the powersteering becomes sluggish, and the ABS and Brake lights may come on. Then the next time I start the car it will be fine. Any ideas?

Where's the transmission oil dipstick? how to check transmission oil level?

When I start the car it blows blue smoke out of the exhaust. This only happens after the car has sat for a while after a long drive on the highway and no matter if the oil was just changed or due to be changed.

What type of trans fluid is recommended to top off if low?

I have a clunking in the right front when I go over a bump, what is the cause of this?

Where is the PCV valve located?

I vaccumed the car out after i seen the puddle of water on the floor...I dont no where its coming from because i keep my windows rolled up everytime it rans??

Lock out ,can get in to my can

How can I fix this problem?
this happens with key or key remote.

MY traction warning light is always on, along with ABS, and BRAKE. What can i do?

I need help, dont know what is going on. in the Morning started engine fine with no problems, moved parking location closer to my Apt. shut off went inside and not even 5 min. passed went back and tried to start engine, but it would not fire up. No crank noise or any clicking of some sort. Battery is fine, all electrical working fine. Tried to jumpstart just to make sure, but nothing. even put in another 740 battery and still nothing. Can anyone help and tell me what the problem is?

What keep the turn signal and high beam lights from working

see note above.

I want to hear frome someone about oil/filter change--What is the best Synthetic luberciant, filter brand and name. How difficult is it to drop the under cover..Thanks derf12

I wnat to change my syntheic liberciant, buy new synthetic lubericant, buy new filter--- How difficult is it to drop the under cover..Thanks

i had the air flow meter & fuel pump replaced & car still cuts off while driving.

check engine light code p0011

how do u reset the oil light on a 1994 bmw 740il

So my radiator hose burst and it blew all my coolant out. I replaced my upper hose and filled the coolant reserve all the way to top. Did test runs and my hot/cold meter was quarter way being overheated ! The engine sucked all the coolant so I filled once again. Did same problem. Filled again same thing but this time my hot and cold meter was in the middle. The engine keeps sucking all the coolant. Whut do I do ? How much coolant do I keep adding ? Friends and family says it takes time to cycle. HELP !!!

Someone told me that disconnecting your battery will cause a problem with your computer system. He said that there was a special way of changing the battery. Is this true?

Drivers side seat contorls and steering wheel control stopped working. Checked the #15 (30 amp) fuse and it is good. Seat memory also doesn't work. What could this be?

I've had 740il for a year and a half been blessed so far but now it doesn't start on the first turn , sometimes it takes three or four tries to get her started. and she has also stalled out on me twice. thanks

My 2001 740IL every once in a while will blow out a cloud of blue smoke from the exhaust when starting the engine. This happens no matter if the oil was just changed or if due for an oil change. I have the car serviced at a qualified European auto mechanic and use the prescribed synthetic oil. Any ideas as to what may cause this?

Cold air comes out of the passenger side ducts, no air comes out of the driver's side. Shop wants to replace blower motor, but book says one motor feeds both sides. How do I make the blower run faster and open the ducts on the driver's side?

steering wheel and the drivers seat are stuck in one position, have checked the fuses and are ok connections are secure, not sure what else to check?

if my trans has a trans program code on it if i take the one thats in the car out and put a new one in will that fix the problem

We had trans code on car so we took to transmission shop and it had code 100, 105, & 42 we where told it was the Output & turbine speed sensor so we ordered them yesterday and replaced them 2day and now the transmission want go in reverse. What do we do now. How can car loose reverse just sitting there. Please help us.