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I am having a problem with the power steering it is foaming and coming out the resolver not sure if was supposed to put power steering fluid or ATF or brake fluid
What should I particularly look for in order to determine if it has been properly looked after and what are the critical areas? Thanks
The lower pulley tomthe serpitine belt broke how much willmit cost to fix
My car is only going about 5 miles an hour when i push the pedal to the floor.
the park light stay on all the time when i shut the car off and lock the door i have to remove the number 55 fuse in the trunk for the light to go off and not kill my battery ive being reading about the gm 111 but i r...
What parts have to be removed to replace the rubber/felt window guide. Thanks.
BMW cuts off while driving but starts back up. This occurs every time I drive.
stay crunk. What could this be? Gave off a funny smell inside as I tried to restart. Left awhile, restarted but didn't continue to run. What is could it be anyone, help please?
how can I get the diagnostic codes from my computer
what causes your car to go into engine failsafe mode it has a slight hesitation when giving some gas
when i park my car the engine oil leaks
how to get sparks to the spark plugs and how to get fire to the fuel pump
how to i get fire to the fuel pump
i have been trying to locate the engine number but without succeeding
Sometimes now when I am turning a corner or speeding up after a coasting roll and press the gas the transmission seems to pause before catching. could the transmission be about to go? how do I change the fluid on thi...
Car was driving fine until maintenance work was completed and environment inspection was completed.
Very noticeable at low speeds and when getting out of car
The outside turn-signal flashes when I turn it on, but the arrow light is not blinking inside the car, on the dashboard indicating that the turn-signal is in use. So I tend to turn it on to change lanes but forget to ...
during opperation interior lighting and tilt steering activate on their own. like it is possessed
program error