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Check engine light is on & these codes come up. Car has had aftremarket cats installed it has 98,000 miles on it is in good shape otherwise as it has always been garage kept. tx, Doug
While vacuuming I sent the seat all the way forward, and then, fully up. After cleaning I attempted to readjust, the rear right corner of the seat's adjustments failed, all directions. The motor runs, the corner won't...
how much cost to find the alarm code and the radio code
I have an annoying squeak (almost bird-like chirping) coming the the back seat area of my '95 740i. I've looked around but haven't been able to locate the source of the squeak. Any thoughts?
Hey guy's, any one knows how to unclogg sunroof drain hose on my 2001 740i? or where they are located ? every time it rains my back seat gets wet,dripping from the head liner,windows are water proof. thanks in advance...
i step on the gas and when i do i hear a knocking sound and then when i release my foot and step on it again i do not hear nothing its only about 5 seconds
I have a 1998 BMW 740i and my problem is when I turn the car on it takes a very long time for the heater to start working. Then when it works it also stops and blows cold air.. need to fix, Help!!
when i start my car the climate control turns on by itself and when i turn off my car it continues working for about 15 minutes. when i turn the climate control off manually while driving it is constantly running. the...
when I start my car throughout the day I hear a heavy knocking sound underneath the valve cover on the drivers side for 3-4 seconds. The noise does not persist while I am driving, but it does start again when I start ...
My drivers side seat adjustments and steering wheel adjustment stopped working. I replaced fuse and they worked for a couple of minutes then failed again. the fuse is still good, what can I try next?