on yesterday my car did crank and ran for about minutes, and just cut off and no check engines lights came on, but there's no fire the spark plugs.

When I turn on the wipers, only the left works normally. The right wiper does not move.

Today my coolant started to leak extremely fast from the rear of the engine block right there where the firewall is..I thought it might be the heater core but I did'nt see any fluid inside my car at all..I'm wondering what could it be.. It's very had to see the leak..and its not the radiator...It is coming from the center of the firewall.. can you pls. help me with telling me what could it be.. thank you..

My car is leaking what appears to be coolant from the firewall, but no coolant is entering the interior of the car...The radiator is holding the fluid but it is leaking rapidly from the back end of the is also making a noise around as it is leaking.. what do you think could it be..??

How much to replace power steering hoses and pump for 1993 bmw 740i? Cost of parts and labor...time to replace each.

Power steering fluid is leaking. How much to repair. I keep adding fluid. Plugs need to be repaired.

should I pay the 3,000 for timing chain or get a new car? also how many people have had the tranny go right after engine repair?

Is it normal for timing cover leaks with 147,000 miles driven?
Noticed Oil on ground only after either by cranking the car or by driven? However, the oil will not leak after the car is shut off. I just finished the valve cover gaskets replacement. This happens every time when you start the car . Thanks

My 2001 740I has the ABS, Brake and Traction warning lights up. it just happened today. Braking and steering feels normal.

i sold this car after it sat long enough for the battery to die ithe guy i sold it to tried to crank it before he left it sitting in my parking lot with locked doors now it cant be jimmied or any usual methods for opening ive heard of a place underneath the motor i can get power to but dont know where to find it. dealers no help

I was driving and the ABS light came on together with the DSC light, then the brakes locked, with out me pressing on the pedal. they didnt unlocked so i had to towed my car back home. the mechanic says is the calipers, but im not sure why the ABS light go on. Please tell me what can i do.. i can't even drive the car.

Where is the battery on this BMW and how do I get to it. Can anyone send me a diagram of this. My husband and I are really frustated. Don't know how to fine the battery.

I have a 1998 bmw740i the horn and radio has gone out and when I do press the horn pad the clock goes out! what should I do to repair it!

I have a 2001 bmw 740i and I recently changed the lower tensioner. The upper tensioner needs changing as well.
My question is will I have to use a specific tool to slightly adjust the chain (clock or counter clockwise) to install it...or just remove and install?

Thanks in advance!

The rear window in my car is off the track. It is about 1/4 of the way down but will not go up or down when I press the controls. Any suggestions on how to fix it? Thanks.

My wife's car is blowing hot heated air out of the vents when running the ac. The passenger side is blowing cold. Suggestion on how to fix. Thanks

my car's check engine light is on, it smokes when it is first started or when pulling out from a redlight, i was told by one mechanic shop it was a intake manifold leak. any info greatly appreciated

turning on a/c modulates this

I have missing pixels in information center. Any suggestions how to fix it?

I recently had a bad thermostat replaced on my '95 BMW 740i. This resolved the problem of getting the interior heat to come on more quickly as well as getting the motor up to operating temp faster as the old thermostat was visibly stuck about 1/4 way open. The mechanic, (friend or a friend) Not a BMW Dealer, had broken radiator nipple for the 1 1/2 inch top hose connect. We learned this when the car over-heated badly on the way home. The broken hipple could not hold the hose on when up to operating temperature. After replacing the radiator, we no longer have interior heat despite perfect operating temperature on the temp gauge. What could have been damaged to cause this? We did try bleeding the coolant system several times. Could this be a bad heater vavle? Thanks for any help.

when i step on it the car fels like the transmission isnt shifting an when i get to a light and stop it feels like its missing badly and shakes

Whenever I have driven a distance the car tends to shut down completely. I stop next to the road, wherever that may be, and a few minutes later I am able to start the car again and continue my trip. Other than that I am very satisfed with the car.

what cause trans.failure prog for bmw 740i model 1999

my car has avery strong gas smell inside the car while driving.just started

Looking to change oil in BMW 740i myself. Where is the oil drain plug located beneath the car?

How do I remove the door panels

my front passenger window is off track and wont roll down


Can I buy Engine Coolant from a local auto parts or do I have to go to the dealer?

Please help. i replaced water pump,thermostat,some hoses and where you put antifreeze in that container (sorry dont know what is called) but every morning i need to add water. what could be the problem other than th radiator? I checked everywhere. Also where you replace the motor oil, there is a lot of oil coming out of it. Please help