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I have a 2001 bmw 740i and I recently changed the lower tensioner. The upper tensioner needs changing as well. My question is will I have to use a specific tool to slightly adjust the chain (clock or counter clockwis...
The rear window in my car is off the track. It is about 1/4 of the way down but will not go up or down when I press the controls. Any suggestions on how to fix it? Thanks.
My wife's car is blowing hot heated air out of the vents when running the ac. The passenger side is blowing cold. Suggestion on how to fix. Thanks
my car's check engine light is on, it smokes when it is first started or when pulling out from a redlight, i was told by one mechanic shop it was a intake manifold leak. any info greatly appreciated
turning on a/c modulates this
I have missing pixels in information center. Any suggestions how to fix it?
I recently had a bad thermostat replaced on my '95 BMW 740i. This resolved the problem of getting the interior heat to come on more quickly as well as getting the motor up to operating temp faster as the old thermosta...
when i step on it the car fels like the transmission isnt shifting an when i get to a light and stop it feels like its missing badly and shakes
Whenever I have driven a distance the car tends to shut down completely. I stop next to the road, wherever that may be, and a few minutes later I am able to start the car again and continue my trip. Other than that I ...
what cause trans.failure prog for bmw 740i model 1999
my car has avery strong gas smell inside the car while driving.just started
Looking to change oil in BMW 740i myself. Where is the oil drain plug located beneath the car?
How do I remove the door panels
my front passenger window is off track and wont roll down
Can I buy Engine Coolant from a local auto parts or do I have to go to the dealer?
Please help. i replaced water pump,thermostat,some hoses and where you put antifreeze in that container (sorry dont know what is called) but every morning i need to add water. what could be the problem other than th r...
I wonder if anyone has seen this. I have a strange knocking noise which is coming from the drivers side, under my feet. It does not appear until the car has been running for approx. 5 miles so I am assuming it is temp...
what type of oil?
Steering wheels is vibrating every time I step on brake pedal. I just have my brake pads and all rotors changed. What it could be the solution, pls advice.
where do you fill the transmission with oil
I have a problem with interior lighting. It would not turn on when the doors are open. I checked all the fuses under the hood they all good. I also checked power to the dome light there is none. What should I look for...
Hearing a whining noise, I think it coming from the left front wheel. What it could be the problem?
what is the spec for a sport wheel?
right front parking light lens is cracked. zi have the replacement but i am not sure how to remove the old one.
any suggestion whether it can be adjusted electronically or the ABS has a problems, my brakes are not working properly either
I just had the transmission oil seals replaced. I thought the oil had leaked thats y the gear shift had a pull the problem still persists.
what is 'STOP ENGINE OIL PRESS' ? oil symbol blinks everytime this pops up
My battery light came on while driving. Soon after the transmission failsafe program came on. Once i got home, i turned off the car and have had to charge the battery just to start the car again... battery is still o...
Seat belt will not release from seat