I have a 2000 BMW 740i and the car is running great. It has 103,000 miles on it. I have heard about the BG trans flusH should i have it done.


trasmision diagnostic, & electric seats failure,
the car runs perfect, but some times I feel a litle quick on
the trassmission,, the seats & drive, also the GPS, work
fine, but sutenly they don't .. is it a fuse ??
tnanks, Victor

My email is vmdcorp@hotmail.com

there is a taping sound in the engine,this is just a week now, i had my oil change and is still taping, what must be the problem? car have 145k miles please help me

2 of my intake fuel hoses burst after finishing lunch about to drive the car, with gas all over the ground. I got it replaced and about to pick up the car, but just worried, I mean a fuel line just doesn't burst like that right?? That's a deadly hazard. What may have caused it, I haven't bruised anything because it didn't burst when driving but during lunch(assumed). High fuel pressure??
I've also been having the engine codes for a while p0170 and p0173, saying burning rich. Anyhow related?

It starts perfectly on cold engine. When the engine is hot, many times, it won't start. Sounds like it's choking. If I put the gas pedal halfway maximun when starting, it helps. Once it starts, even if it was hot, it works perfect and never stops on idle.

my gas gage fuse keep blowing

windscreen seal has become brittle and needs replacement

I am using over 10 quarts of oil between oil changes at 3000 miles, and I have smoke coming out of exhaust pipes every time I start the car. It has 148,000 miles on it. I changed to thicker oil and the problem persists. My mechanic says I need to change the valve cover gaskets. Would that help?
My email address is:mglandre@yahoo.com

ac workers fine but cannot get heat on passenger side through any vent

Can someone please tell me what is involved in changing the transmission fluid in my 2000 BMW 740i ? as have just had service & has come back dirty.
Thanks Aaron AKL NZ.

Whenever i start my car its vibrating and i can smell patrol inside and out of the car..and also my tape is heating up and ac is not cooling..(ac gas is full)
can anybody tell because of what its happening? am worried about my car..

I am getting conflicting information as to the location of the bank 1 sensor 1 oxygen sensor for my bmw 740i. I am told bank 1 is the side of the engine that cylinder #1 is located. I am also beeing told b1 s1 is located on the passenger side of the vehicle. and to top it off I am being told cyl #1 is on the drivers side. So what is the true story is the b1 s1 located on the passenger or drivers side? and is cyl #1 located on the passenger or drivers side? In other words which side of the engine front sensor should be replaced?

loud humming noise @ TOP right side of motor. noise seem to receed @30plus mph. yet @idle noise persistant. changed both belts and tesioner

transmisson shifts slow drags down when shifting

So when I drive and as I pull to a stop, I would say when the transmission goes down to firstit pushes forward. Its a automatic and the wierd part is when in drive, it is as smooth as can be. I do think that it may be the transmission but im sceptical. if anyone can tell if this is common or a sign of a future problem, I would like some input please. It doesnt push bad as far as causing a accident but noticable enough to wonder. Thank you very much

where are my speakers located how many of them are there'

How much should it cost to repair both control arms in the rear of the car?

i just replaced the alternator... and i was turning my ac to make sure it turn on. so when i tried the heating system, it was blowing cold air. can someone tell me if there was a sensor or something i didnt put back while replacing the alternator. i also disconnected the battery while replacing the alternator. did i or do i have to program something for it to work. it was working before. confuzed as hell

Is changing the mass air flow sensor something that I can do myself? Are there any you tube videos or diagrams to show how?

At 55 mph the car will shake somewhat get past 60 it stops .below 50 nothing.

I'd like to buy this BMW 740i for my daughter. It needs a new front bumper, and perhaps a front drivers side panel; any ideas what I'm looking at in repair costs?


please, I need know the location of engine number,


Ruben Veliz

My ignition key will not open my trunk and the trunk release button doesn't open it either. And the way I first noticed it was after having a flat tire, I couldn't get to my spare wheel. The key worked flawlessly until the one time I really needed to access the trunk. I hope there is someone who can help me with this problem I have had for a month now

my trunk won't open at all with the key.. It is a jar but won't open?

after having my fuel pump and fuel filter repaired my gas gage doesn't work. The gas gage will move to 1/4 tank. when i fuel up it does adjust..any suggestions?


i have a crackling sound at the front end when i drive my car over 45 it shakes so hard and after that its ok again but theres a lot of cracking sounds how much to repair and what is that sounds

when i plug into the OBD i can't get a code it just say error and check plug or not connected could someone tell me if the dealer blocked my port or if could be a fuse, and if i could plug in under the hood or somewhere else.kfcarter1@gmail.com Thank you

I have a problem with my electronics in that my power steering and door locks to include trunk locking mechanism and all interior lighting don't work. The moonroof and windshield wipers are also inop. The drivers window still works to include mirrors. Maybe a general module?