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I have a 93 740i that I got from a little old man and woman. They serviced the car exactly on time and by bmw service e center. Only 134,000 miles on it. But it seems that the transmission takes off sluggish. When I...
sometimes i drive and the car is fine and other times i get in and my 1998 bmw 740i brakes lock up and my abs light comes on as well as the traction control light. any suggestions?
Is there a test to determine the single faulty part and not start replacing parts till the high NO in the exhaust is within limits
BMW 740i 1994 Stock wheels, tires are 225 55 R16 95H. Problem found when rotating tires. I haven't been able to find an answer. If it's a tire size, what is the correct size? No record of an accedent.
Took my 01 BMW 740i for smog check. Diagnostics listed about six codes, all sensors. Was told car had a misfire?? The car turns on, but it stales like its runing out if power gas and then all of a sudden takes off as ...
Is it a seperate part that you have buy 2 of the or 4?
Got in on passanger side of but it would not crank up.
Got in on passanger side but car would not start/ What do I need to do?
Also would like to know if there is any harm in running some type of fuel additive to help clean the fuel injectors and will this work?
Mostly heoise when going over speed bumps and or pot-holes. Would like to know what needs to be replaced?
there is a leak in the tank beside the radiator i need to know how to remove it, can i remove it
The soft close system for the trunk has stopped working. The switch located inside the car will not work, nor will the button on the key. Any help would be appreciated.
The trunk soft close system and the electrical switches to open it have stopped working. Where is the fuse for this located and what is it called on the fuse box? Thanks for your help.
The soft close feature stopped working. The trunk will close manually, but not with the soft close. The inside switch to open the trunk will not work to open the trunk , nor will the button on the key. The dash dis...
If not what will i have to change in order for it to work
I own a 1997 BMW 740i and I took my car to the shop to get only the front drivers side wheel fixed because it wobbles shakes when I get to about 45 mph. They wanted to charge me $1,600.00 to align the front end suspe...
i got a new key and i want togrt it to work how do you progem the key
the filters are little square filters
this is a very simple straight forward question. why do you want to garbage it up with unneeded words.
was driving and the ABS light came on them the brakes in the rear lock i check the fuse and change it them moves againg but the day after the rear weels lock thius time i can move the car againg
i was told to replace air flow sensor because car cuts off when i am idling but runs great when i am driving
my car is starting to shift hard, it seems to act like it wants to downshift or jerk while slowing down or even while just making a simple right or left hand turn.
does the cross member have to come off to replace the assebly?
Trans. Fail Safe Prog appears in the Check Control. Now there is no 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gear. I can only drive in 4th and 5th gear. Is problem in the tranny or the gearshift electrnic system (Electroni transmission cont...