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I need to replace a part in my 540i steering but don't know what the part is called. I need a drawing with parts labeled.
I hear whinning sound in transmittion when excellorating. What could this be? I dont notice any lose of power or slipping. Strong excelloration, shifting good. I also have a check engine light on, it is for o2 sensor...
My ac/heat seems to work okay and I can hear the fan running but the air flow is very poor. I think the cabin air filter needs replacing but it is not where I expected to find it based upon info I have read on the we...
I am hearing a clanking noise under load in my BMW 540. It has 247,000 miles. It starts in 1st gear under acceleration, into 2nd gear, then dissapates. However, I do hear some clicking/clanking noise at speed and when...
i have 97 540i i would like to know what kind of fluid to use
How do you remove the top bolt of the right rear window regulator? not the one that hold the glass but the regulator itself??
I have a coolant leak that appears to be coming off the transmission bell housing on the drivers side where two lines are mounted.There is a plate these lines attach to and it leaks at the seam between the plate and t...
Check coolent level continues to be displayed on panel
How do i get my cd changer to work???
How do I remove the front struts?
oil leak all the time around the oil filter
it started out with the radio going off and on i would open the vanity mirror and the steering wheel would go up and down.the airbag light would come on and go off then the radio would play again.i tried to reset w th...
my car is heating up. i have chage the water pump. it is new but makes a loud noise like a bee buzzing. it heats up on the road and when park and running.
My battery is dead. I need to gain access to the battery compartment under the rear seat. I have a 1994 540i sedan. What's the secret? Have been fighting the damn back seat for a couple of hours. I know removal...
When the air conditioning is turned on no cold air blows and only hot air comes out.
car was running pretty crappy had a local dealer look at it found oils in engine coils and on plugs. Said I need to replace all eight coils and plugs. My question is, oil in coils means leaky gasket. Could I get away ...
I have a 1994 BMW 540i. its been sitting for a year or so. I has noticeable shaking and vibration when car at idle. I replaced the engine mounts.It reduced it some. Check engine light on and off currently on now. No l...
My car has been in storage for a few months and when I went to get it out the battery was dead, after replacing the battery with a new one the ABS brake light came on. Could this be from some kind of a low voltage iss...
I have a 98 540i and the Hazard Button and Shift Position Indicator on the center console stay illuminated all the time. Is this a Relay problem, and if so where are they located? Thanks
can i remove and reseal headlight cover ,it gets wet from inside
whats the compression suposed to be on a 540i bmw 1999
The back up lights dont work, and the turn signal doesnt work
What type of motor oil should I use to service my car?
How can i scan the body module on a 97 540i my back doors don't unlock and the actuators are good
were do i put the trasmission oil on a 97 BMW 540i
how do I remove and replace right side fog lamp assembly?
Hello can some one help me i have a 97 540i and my back doors Dont unlock with the key can unlock them by hand
Hello can some one help me i have a 97 540i and my back doors Dont unlock with the key can unlock them by hand
I am a big fan of the 740i and 540i of BMW,preferably 1994-2000 years. I am interested in a 1994 540i with 140,000 what should I look out for?