Is there a common problem with this car that causes the engine to not restart about 15 minutes after the car has reached operating temperature?

i tried to open the trunk with the key, but it won't open. is there any emergency latch i can pull from the inside of the trunk?, we were able to pry open the middle console of the backseat, and will be able to get a stick or something to push or pull a latch from the trunk, if there is. and if not, is there any from the front. i am able to open the driver side door.
can you please help.

i unplugged the battery, but now i can't get to the trunk to reconnect it. can you tell me if there's anyway i can open the trunk?

my battery is unplugged, due im having problem with my battery getting drained, so i unplugged it. now i cannot get in my car to open the trunk to plug my battery back on. can u please help.

leaking washer fluid from front

One day it started heating. The next day started with no heat coming from blower.

How to refill transmission fluid on a 1994 540i BMW ?


Wat Are fuses 75/76

dont move back , front ,up , down nothing ......help me any suggestion would be welcome

Having problems with the low beam headlight, we put a new light its not working. The lights on the dashboards isn't working. Does anyone know where to find a diagram for the fuse box in the glove box?

Car wont shift into gear only reverse and dash warning lights says sensor output problem

Key stuck in the ignition, cannot put gear in park position, is there a way to free the gears, like a override button or anything else?

Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

M. Jugend

my car will not drive front but it will drive back

Wont shift into gear only has reverse transmission sensor light comes on dash

My BMW open door sounds periodically during driving when all doors are closed...the alarm does not sound when the door is ajar.....is there a way to disable the alarm

How do I remove and replace the blower fan on a 2001 BMW 540i

when I accelerate sometime from a stop or slow speed, the car skips,,like a slipping in the transmission. Doesn't seem like the engine is missing, but the car acts like a cyclinder is not firing, but when you put it in N, and run the engine it sounds fine. only noticed at slow speeds or from still position. thanks

I have a clattering sound on my 1997 BMW 540i when accelerating it does it when hot or cold. No sound when running stedy at highway speeds 70 - 100 but when accelerating it starts again I replaced the plugs and changed the oil also the fuel filter nothing is helping to rid the noise also cleaned the MAF Sensor motor has 130+ miles starts great runs strong.

Air conditioniing cooling very slow ly. Does it need recharging or something expensive ?

Thank you,
George gdcastro@comcast.net

I let the battery go dead.I have a 5 digit code written on the manual. But it looks like in the book it takes a 4 digit code

is there a way to test the fan to see if it works befor i put on a new one?

I have a 1994 BMW 540i with 161,000 miles on it. I hear a whining sound coming from the transmission mostly at acceleration and changing through the first two too three gears.shifting between gears is pretty much smooth. What could it be and is it serious?


I need to replace a part in my 540i steering but don't know what the part is called. I need a drawing with parts labeled.

I hear whinning sound in transmittion when excellorating. What could this be? I dont notice any lose of power or slipping. Strong excelloration, shifting good. I also have a check engine light on, it is for o2 sensor in exhaust. would that give me some trouble. Thanks

My ac/heat seems to work okay and I can hear the fan running but the air flow is very poor. I think the cabin air filter needs replacing but it is not where I expected to find it based upon info I have read on the web (ie two filters on either side of the engine) Where might they be ??

I am hearing a clanking noise under load in my BMW 540. It has 247,000 miles. It starts in 1st gear under acceleration, into 2nd gear, then dissapates. However, I do hear some clicking/clanking noise at speed and when accelerating. Seems to me it might be center bearing or drive shaft. What would this run

i have 97 540i i would like to know what kind of fluid to use

How do you remove the top bolt of the right rear window regulator? not the one that hold the glass but the regulator itself??

I have a coolant leak that appears to be coming off the transmission bell housing on the drivers side where two lines are mounted.There is a plate these lines attach to and it leaks at the seam between the plate and transmission. It does not appear to be leaking from above and dripping down.