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All interior and exterior lights are so I don't believe it's the battery..on top of we tried to jump the just will not start..this is the first incident I've had ..any ideas as to what maybe the problem?
Dashboard screen lights up like a Christmas tree: "AWD, ABS, EBV, etc... malfunction" All other warning lights stay on. Car drives perfectly fine, no noticeable issues! Dealer wants $145 for diagnosis alone! Help! Th...
I am seriously contemplating purchasing a minty-appearing 2008 535xi equipped with a turbo-charged V6 & a 6-speed standard transmission with a clean CarFax report and 87k miles by a single owner. My immediate concern...
I recently fill up the tank and since putting in that gas the car has gone haywire. It's too coincidental that this started with the fill up. Oil change was done 1 week ago, GoodYear gave it a clean bill of health...
What is the cost, and when will it likely be necessary?
Engine light on, car bucking reduced power