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or is there a way to clean the sensors? And is there a way to try to clean out the catalytic converters?

My temperature gauge fluctuates

codes PO206 and PO204 come up on code reader

at low speed. could it be fuel filter or fuel pump. Fuel filter has never been replaced.

Te car is stuck in high gear, no back up lights.....

I bought my BMW from a dealer. while trying to use the navigation system, its asking me for a passcode. Any idea how to reset passcode for the navigation system?

system that's keeping it from starting

how do I disconnect the security alarm or reset it so the car starts

I just purchased this vehicle and the first trip I took my daughter felt cold water dripping on her feet when I changed the vent mode and noticed the floor was really wet after about two hours. I could hear a noise coming from vent fan that sounded like it was hitting water every once in awhile. When we stopped I checked and noticed not only her side was wet but the drivers side was wet so I turned off the a/c and put down windows. when we returned home I dried the floor using my wet vac and let it air dry

The battery was disconnected while we changed the breaks. The dash board lights come on and the radio but there is no clicking or revving when turning the key. We have disconnected the battery and checked the fuses in the glove box and still nothing.

This problem happened after I serviced Airconditioning system

whats are posible problems

my power steering belt broke due to the pulley i replaced both and drove 2miles and my car start running hot

when I had the lamp control module changed with a used one out of another 1998 BMW 528i my turn signals stop working but my headlights started working


Hi today I notice smoke coming out of my tailpipe exhaust come to find out my friend put to much question is how long will smoke keep.coming out of my tailpipe exhaust?

Hi I just found out today I have a cracked question is can I still drive my car.

i went the shelly bmw..they said you change the ignition coil.
so replaced the six coils.
But still light on and off.also they checked oxyen sensor.oxyen sensor workig local mechanic said lazy oxyen sensor..
you have to change front 2 oxyen sensor.i dont know what is going on...
Can you help me?

Before I get 400miles

The only noise from the radio was a slight static on all stations with minimal other sounds. Someone who worked previously at a stereo shop checked it out & I was told it was the amp. I purchased a new amp & it didn't make a difference, still made the same sounds. I've turned the fader, balance, treble & bass knobs both ways & still same noise. I did put in a few CD's & made no difference. The static appears to only come out of the right front speaker?? Would like to keep stock radio equipment but not sure if I should just have a newer stereo installed? Could it be antenna?? What is a good valued stereo for these cars?? I can't believe the radio was fine the day of purchased & then dead the next. Any help is appreciated