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As I close the trunk, I can here the latch engage and feel a click prior to closing, as if something is triggering it to release. It will stay closed for about 4 seconds then release as if I had pressed the release bu...
i press the brakes try to shift the stick and it wont leave from park
and passenger side stays on 65 degrees.. pls help me.. thanks D . sweeper
It always started before now i put a fuel pump,and pressure regulator on it and still No start. What could it be PLEASE HELP!!!
overheated sat it for 2 hours and was able to drive it home, it starts, it runs but if i drive it more than a mile it starts to smell and steam comes out from underhood ive known i have had an oil leak for sometime bu...
why does my trans. downshift into a lower gear when i am driving and shows it is in another gear when i put it in park sometimes and will still be in drive when i put it in park but will finally go into park after you...
where do i take it to for trans. fluid check
and when slowing down it jumps hard as well, it had some frontend damage and was repaired and the warning light is a yellow triangle with and exclaimation point. Trying to find out what steps to follow first. It seems...
Ican hear the lock click when I push the button on my key...the latch does not lock in place. Is there a cable that connects the latch and the automatic lock. Thanks for any advice Greg
A lot of the tiny red lights in the stereo dash don't turn on. Do I need to replace something like a fuse?
when i bought it the seller said it needed a new water pump because it would over heat. i replaced water pump and thermostat.i test drove it and water was coming out of the cap so i shut the car off. the car did not s...
when i turn on my air conditioner or heater, no air is blowing through the vents. I turn the blower all the way to high and i can barely fill the cool or warm air flow through the vents.
There is a whining sound under the hood of my 1999 BMW 528i. It almost sounds like crickets... It takes the sound about 8-10 seconds to start making noise when the car is started, and stops when your accelerate. I on...
I have pressed on the gas pedal and the throttle isnt moving. the cable was actually disconnected for a few days and it ran fin. i taveled an 11 hour trip yesteday and it has 198,000 miles on this 1997 bmw 528i.
I want to replace it myself but not sure where to start
transmission not changed normally and rpm stay high 3000 and more when this occured abs/asc lighted on ,when scanned i got this report:continuous control error frequency:255 vehicle speed asc passive abs-control a...
continuous control and eletromagnetic field susceptibility appear when check ,what this mean please to fix the problem
continuous control and eletromagnetic field susceptibility
the car runs good and it's not overheating, but after I peplaced the hoses and started the car , the hands goes in the red, the red light is not on, the hand just shoots over there and stays until I cut the car off!!
We can pull the latch up on the hood itself, but only the passenger side will lift. The cable is frayed going to the driver's side
My mechanic advised me to change my throttle, because he did not suspect anything wrong with my gearbox. But bots my abs and throttle indicator light is still on
i found oin in my cooling system and i wanted to replace it with new whats the proper way to install new colant? knowing that the water pump can run at several speeds? thank you
m.....145 up and down readout on display panel