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The passenger side high beam will not turn off even after engine is turned off, or high beam switch is off. WTH?
I want to jump a lexus from the specified bmw but I can't find the battery and I already used AAA once today
My battery dies if I don't drive the car everyday. I bought a new battery but something still drains it. I also bought an alternator.
My air conditioner fan works fine, the freon was flushed and topped; it only blows warm air. Do you know what's wrong?
My car recently overheated, I brought it to a local service station and they tried telling me it was the waterpump and thermostat. I replaced this parts a few years back and didn't think I needed them again. I saw tha...
I have a 2000 528i and all lights gauges etc work, new battery but when I turn key NOTHING happens, no click, no bells, no whistles- HELP!
airconditioner stop working when the temp.sensor went fell out on pass.front side by wheel well
has anyone rplaced the clutch fan with an electric fan? if so how well is it working? i'm thinking about doing that any suggestions? thanks
how can i reset my service indicator light
My BMW 1997 5281 has 112000 mile. A check engine light come on last six months. Befoe it on and off, but now it continue. Please suggest me what to do and what may be reason for this sign and where will be cheapest wa...
How do i remove the rotors?
explain how to change the plugs
Wiper stop half way in the intermittent mode and when the wipers are shut off. Unplugged the battery hoping to reset, didn't work but now when I go to arm the alarm from the key faub, there is no sound.
i am being told that my timing chain needs to be replaced. miles 197900. approximate cost $1500. how do i know this is correct?
The radiator was replaced about 8 months ago. I just noticed a leak on a box next to the radiator and was told this was the radiator expansion tank. How expensive of a repair is this and should the tank have been re...
I like to change my own oil and have in everything i have owned for 20 years. I bought this bmw used and changed the oil today and wanted to know if anyone new how to reset the oil life indicator.
97 528.i bmw.. car wont start.. ews box, ignition, and new key was still wont start. factory alarm seems to be preventing it from turning me please.... it use to start when i would disconnect ...
97 528.i bmw.. car wont start.. ews box ignition and new key was wont start. factory alarm seems to be preventing it from turning me please.... it use to start when i would disconnect the batt...
whenever i turn off my car. and it will also drain my battery.
Does anyone have a fuse diagram for a 2001 bmw 330i or for a 2000 bmw 528i. Neither of the cars have the card. I tried to get a diagnostic read on the 528 but was told it couldn't read it and was told to check the fuse.
what do i need to know in fixing the brake
how do i reset the inspection due/small green squares that are located at the lower right corner of the instrument panel when the ignition switch is turned on?
rear roaring noise at the right rear...increases with speed, maybe wheel bearing? If So, any info on replacing it?
when i accelerate, there is a whistling sound. when I plain out it stops. this only happens in gear, and during acceleration
when i start my car and and put in gear my steering will stay locked/ i will turn the wheel back and forth and it will stare to work, its a automatic than you
how to reset check engine light
just bought a 98 bmw 528i 6cyl 3mo.ago.check engine light just came on.i changed coils and plugs.light turned off for about 2weeks then came back on would drive rough at times.
The abs light and the engine light turned on and they told me it was the transmission speed sensor that I needed to change it.
My 1997 bmw 528i passenger side high beam light will not turn off. We've had to pull the connector to avoid the battery running down. A local mechanic has suggested I need a replacement light control module and I can'...