how to replace alternator on 528i

What if my diagnostic plug inside of car stops working?

what does that mean inspection light

need a black back bumper

what does it mean when the check engine light stays on

the car will start but lack of power. change the fuel pump fuel filter and crank shaft sensor and cleaned the fuel injetors. my oxygen sensor on the car is not working need to be replace could this be the problem?

I am not a mechanic but I have a lot of knowledge about mechanical in motorcycles, diesel and petrol engines, but as all ways, I need to learn.
Before I break something, I need to know step by step of, how to replace the auxiliary AC fan?

have panel off, need to know how to remove window in order to get screw at top of regulator

my car overheated & all the steam is coming from the right sided of the engine, could this be the water pump pr somtething else as there is no fluid leaking to the ground. please help.

window grinds, removed door panel and saw cable comming off of spool and binding between motor and plastic spool. Does the window glass have to be removed to replace the regulator with motor attached?

head ligh was broken

how do i remove the climate control unit?

how do you repair them if they have stopped working? how do i replace them?

wheel stays locked with all keys,turns a little in ignition enough to put trans in neutral and operate acc. if key is held in position

only when it rains, the automatic transmission light, asc/dsc light, abs light comes on. Please help

my first bmw,how to change the transmission fluid? how many miles should i change it?

my first bmw car ,how many miles should i change engine oil? can I use any brand or walmart brand full synthetic engine oil? how many miles should i change the transmission fluid ? can I use any brand or walmart brand
transmission fluid ? thanks

it dont take no oil its to hard to turn the wheel

The "check engine" light somestimes stay on for 2 days and then goes off. I re-appears after a couple days so does the smell of gas fumes.

horn and radio just plain quit fuses are ok

cruise control not working. Check engine light on and states speed sensor problem. could they be related?

airbag indicator is staying on

The tempature gauge moves to (red) after car is driven for 5 minutes. What might be the cause of the problem?

can you send a diagram of the location of AC blower motor and how to install it?

The problem just happened for the first time. The battery light was on the day before, and the car would not start after being idle at a signal.

My blower fan has been going in and out of high to low for the last month. And now the fan want even blow anything, hot or cold. What needs to be fixed?

99 BMW 528I with 235,000 miles has EGS dash light. Diagnosis showed code 5 pressure actuator 1. Mechanic recommended testing of pressure actuator and wiring harness, but due to mileage may not be worth it. Request opinions / options if work required in trans. No dash light under 60 MPH city driving.

Engine conked out while driving. Tried to restart and it sputtered for a moment then conked out. Now engine is turning over but will not start, all bells, horn, lights are working but I'm having checking battery.

the driver's door won't stay open.

does not heat when defroster or heater is turned on