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Was driving on the motorway and car lost a bit of power then start stuttering. I then added some engine oil and reset the oil service light. The engine keeps stuttering then shutting down after starting.
I am having problems with starting every couple of days. The car will start but not idle - if gas pedal is released to put into gear, car stalls. This will happen several times until the car will finally go and then...
How to repair a twisted seat on these cars.
The computer is at it's end needs to be reset.
What is the proper procedure for replacing the power stearing pump. I'm sure some other parts have to be removed before I can get to the pump. PLEASE HELP.
How do you reset the tire sensors?
If you lock the car from the drivers door only the passenger side rear door locks, if you lock the car from the front passengers side everything locks but the drivers door, what do i need, thanks
Can anyone tell me what I will be expecting to pay if I have indeed cracked or blown my head gasket on my 04 525i? This afternoon I had a huge amount of white smoke blow out the back where I first through my car was o...
I recently damages the front bumper of my 1995 525i BMW. So I want to replace it but in a different style what type of bumper can I replace my old one with. In a nut shell can I replace my front bumper with a newer bm...
I have a 1994 BMW 525i. changed the battery and reset the code and the battery indicator and parking brake indicator wont go off. wondering why, and please help.
my car will not start but everything comes on it just wont crank,my windows wont work either,what can this be
Occasionally, my engine shuts off and everything with it, including the emergency flashers. After a couple of seconds I can restart the car with no problem.
1995 bmw 525i cruse works imtermidently mostly it dosent work. Will begin then stop without reason. will also not work, then suddenly start to accelerate or visa versa.
replaced starter on 1995 bmw525i but car still do not start. what else could be the problem?
car indicates low on coolant and it says engine is overheating. What kind/color of coolant should i put? Is low on coolant is the reason why the engine is overheating?
how can i replace upper radiator hose in BMW 525i 2002?
12 volts to big lug on starter solenoid no voltage to small terminals when key is in crank position also wanted to check for codes but only could find round connector under dash , is that the data link?
For maintenance purposes, replaced distributor cap, rotor, spark plugs and wires. Car was running fine before. Now motor turns but won't start. I'm sure wiring is same as before. One thing, new spark plug wires are no...
radio isn`t coming in clear on fm stations...could it be antenna problems? where should I start looking first?
Car was sitting for about 7 months, once it started to be driven again it was ok (delayed or sluggish reaction to the gas pedal). Then it couldnt get past 1500 rpm or 10 mph. press on the gas and it wouldnt go, kind ...
The problem with my 525i is at night when the out side temperature goes below 15 degree under 32 degree the engin does not start it seam like the engin anti teaf come on i don't get any inside electricity so to get it...
postion of pistons and valves
aux fan not woking i checked fan with power probe it works that way under the hood the relays are not labled. the haynes repair book do not help much????????
how to reset flat tire warning
Ive just purchased the car second hand but did it did not come with the owners manual, are there any sites where can I down load the manual for free
01-525it Every morning when I try to start, the engine would turn over but not idle.. and died. After 2 or 3 tries, and press the gas pedal, it starts. The first 10-20 seconds, the idle is a little rough, then it runs...
This will be my first oil change since owning the car and I would like to know what type of oil should I use. Different people are telling me different things. One said synthetic oil another person told me that year...
how do i reset the brake pad warning light?
how do i change computer after oil change
Is it accessable?