the battery was changed and the radio was reset. the cd changer reads disk error - all 6 cd slots have cds.

i just bought a 1995 bmw 525i and it did not come with the driver's manual book does any one know how i can get it online for free

blower don't come on ac or heat but ac gets cold and the
heat gets hot

How do i go to the sub-menu of my computer.
Because i heard some warning features can be turned off without external computer

Can someone diredt me to where the fuse for the cruise control is located?

On my 93 525i I have noticed that at 60 mph or higher when I gover over a bump, my whole front end will shake. Also, at any speed, if i go iver a bump while braking, it feels as if my abs is activated. Are both problems related? and what is the fix and at what cost? My car is approcahing 200,000 miles.

Where is the cabin air filter located

my car shudders at some speeds when brakes are applied. It mainly happens at higher speeds, such as on the freeway. I down shift to stop the shaking. It always happens at high speeds and occasionaly at medium speeds.

Just happened and i want to see if its something i can fix on my own.

why my car prompt asc signal during accelaration at 110-120 km/h..i have change the asc control unit but the same problem still occur...

Have had front/rear brakes redone - driving along - check engine light comes on plus the brakes/abs. And to make it more fun the speedometer stops working.

Any ideas?

i think on 1995 BMW 525i won't start engine that anti Theft Radio is Locked i just remove radio Serial Number Back F40310216B can get code for radio this car Vin Number WBAHD5225GB77159 That battery gone dead did radio reset again lost the code on car it don't have card in the car.
Please sent me a code for radio i need get running engine

how do i take out the fan to the water pump for a 1990 bmw 525i

how do i take out the fan out the water pump to change the water pump out of a 1990 bmw 525i

cost to replace both valve cover gaskets in very early stage of seepage

Changed the distribtir cap and rotor on a 1972 BMW Bavaria and not won't run. Where is #1 cylinder on the cap?

what to do when engine light apears


The fan belt barrings are making a lot of noise, any quick solutions

I am trying to replace the front brake pads on my 525i but I can't even get the wheels off the front. Is there a secret to removing them or am I just not trying hard enough?

How often should you anticipate the need to replace the valve cover gasket on the BMW 525i?

I was driving yesterday and all of a sudden I could no longer adjust the driver side seat or steering wheel. I've checked the fuse box and replaced fuses for both...still does not work. What else could be the problem?

I was wondering if i have to take my bmw in to mechanic for oil change or can i do it myself? What brand/ type of oil do i use

need radio help

the temperature guage does not move to show where temperature is and the car does heat although the air conditioner works. The car has not overheated just no heat?

How do I reset the front brakes service light or sensor?
How do I reset the oil light after I get a oil change?

how hard is it to change the valve cover gasket on this inline 6 cyl engine?

My neighbor backed a dump trailor into the left front corner of my BMW 525i and pushed it 16-20 inches backwards. Is there fuel shut off that would keep the car from starting?

How much would it cost to replace a electric harness?

this came up the first time this happen. i started to lose power,check engine light came on, car was putting to move,once moven good. slowly killen battiers