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The fan belt barrings are making a lot of noise, any quick solutions
I am trying to replace the front brake pads on my 525i but I can't even get the wheels off the front. Is there a secret to removing them or am I just not trying hard enough?
How often should you anticipate the need to replace the valve cover gasket on the BMW 525i?
I was driving yesterday and all of a sudden I could no longer adjust the driver side seat or steering wheel. I've checked the fuse box and replaced fuses for both...still does not work. What else could be the problem?
I was wondering if i have to take my bmw in to mechanic for oil change or can i do it myself? What brand/ type of oil do i use
the temperature guage does not move to show where temperature is and the car does heat although the air conditioner works. The car has not overheated just no heat?
How do I reset the front brakes service light or sensor? How do I reset the oil light after I get a oil change?
how hard is it to change the valve cover gasket on this inline 6 cyl engine?
My neighbor backed a dump trailor into the left front corner of my BMW 525i and pushed it 16-20 inches backwards. Is there fuel shut off that would keep the car from starting?
How much would it cost to replace a electric harness?
this came up the first time this happen. i started to lose power,check engine light came on, car was putting to move,once moven good. slowly killen battiers
how would I re-set the clock in the car?? Is not like other bmw's that it's the black little switch by the odometer...
car keeps cutting off when driving whats could be the problem?
I have a 1995 BMW 525i with 146k miles. I am looking at replaing the struts and shocks as the ride is getting a bit soft. Should I also change the springs? At what point should the springs be replaced?
where on-line can I find a front end suspension diagram for this car? (BMW 525i series / 1993 )
Where can I find on-line a "front end suspension" diagram for this car make and model? (BMW 1993 525i series)
how do i ck transmission fld level on 2005 bmw 525i?
How can i fix it
is not running right like before
under a load the car misses. eventually, while at highway speed the car loses all power from the gas peddle and you're coasting down the highway. however, the engine continues to run and/or idle. just no response fr...
I am looking for directions on how to replace the front shocks on my 1993 525i BMW.
have a 1995 525i station wagon dual sun roof does not work want to fix where should i start and what should i do to try to fix it
lock on door will not lock with key, but if i set in car and push lock all the doors will lock
How many labor hours to install heater core in 1992 BMW 525i
how many labor hours to install heater core
I had my car detailed. They wahed the engine. Now my cruise control , signal lights wont work. My wipers won't go off. What should I do?
how to reset the engine management light