1992 525i replace thermostat

Trying to replace brake pads but need to know if they are drum or rotor...

Back door seals leak but only during hard rain. Rain runs down to bottom of door seal and collects in back seat foot wells.

my friend was driving my caR INTO the repair place and he had to pull over because he saw smoke. so he unhooked battery and if he even tried to hook battery up to lock up car it would smoke. so its being towed in. i dont know what the part is but it runs along the fuse box. its melted can you give me a estimate on how much thats going to cost me. thank you

what kind of motor oil is best to put in the 1991 525i bmw?

Hi I just purchased a 2003 525i sport wagon. On the radio and the dash info panel (milage, mpg, range etc...) some of the little led's are out. maiking hard to see all the numbers and or letters. what can I do? thanks bill

Why after replacing alternator, battery is not being fully charged?

what type of transmission fluid is used in this car?

I just bought this '91 BMW and the gauges don't work. The fuel gauge,RPM and the speed odometer do not work what's wrong???

would there be instructions out there on the removal and replacement of an alternator?

There is a water leak under the back floor mats when it rains - have not been able to locate? The leak occurs when it rains and car is parked.

when I accelerate my bmw seems to choke a if it has no power it seems like the gears catch better on Sport(S) then on Drive (D) and when I come to a stop it just stays "wondering" and then it catches gear. and rcently when I come to a quick sudden stop it turns off, Im not sure what this can mean could it be the fuel injectors? this only happens when I accelerate and come to a stop. any ideas? I really love this car and I want to get it fixed

were is tempture coolant sensor located so that i can replaceit

I just had a tune-up now my car won't switch gears regularly. It will go to 5RPM before it switches. I think it needs transmission fluid but can't find the transmission dipstick to check the fluid. Does it sound like my transmission is going out or I need fluid?

where computer at? if i reset could it help my trans program?

all drives good until trans pro. light comes on after that all it haves is 3rd and 2nd. I new neutral safety switch in but didn't help any.What can i do (myself) ?


I need to replace blower final stage fan resistor.where can i find it?

my central locking system is not working

car runs good for a bit then sets a trans program neutral safety switch seems to have been hot could that be whats wrong?I have switch on the way.

Check engine light stays on but i see no change in the car, it runns fine.Is it true, It most likey is the spark plugs. And if that is so, If i change them, will the light go back out.

it want change if hot or cold

My car loses power at 55 mph. Dash lights dimes at night.

car turns over but dose not start

what is the causes of it.

It appears that the height of the front seat belt anchor is adjustable. If so how do you adjust it?

Can I use Dex/Merc auto-trans fluid in my standard 5 speed 1990 BMW 525i?

Including parts & Labor and idea what costs should be at an independent shop

The doors were working fine until mechanic fixed drivers side front and rear windows. Now drivers lock won't lock except from inside, when I lock on the passenger side manually the hazard blikers come on. and have to manually lock all locks

I had my oil changed and brake fruid changed. How do I reset it?

any idea what is the problem maybe ecu or fuel pump and i have a 156,000 miles on it