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Since buying the car we have had battery issues. Had the battery programmed to the alternator, no luck. Seems to be a parasitic draw. Bmw dealer said it needs a new jdm console. Was running fine then one day seeming...
anyone know what most likely causes this? i need to buy parts but dont want to buy the wrong one, really need to get this fixed!
I have to replace valvetronic actuator gasket ,eccentric shaft sensor seal gasket,o/f housing gasket,bmw valve cover gasket,valve cover gasket bolts,and change spark pugs on a BMW 330xi 2006 manual....
Runs perfect then when stop starts missing and has no power won't shift rite and continues this until car sets for awhile and then runs good for a little while
I recently purchased vehicle. Car runs poorly if not warmed up; need help! Car is not overheating; fan is not running at random times. T Thanks!
Feel it most when accelerating especially up hill. Believe vibration is in front.
Only the red battery light comes on. No other lights on the panel as described in some of the questions. I presently have the battery charging. Is it possible it's the battery or could it be another issue?
I replaced the output shaft seal from the transfer case to the front, drained and replace the TC oil with oil from BMW, now the car is not going into low gear when I try to drive off from a stop. Any help will be w...
With the issues concerning the axels/cv boots that keep coming up with the 330xi, is the 330i a better bet expense-wise? If I find a used 330xi that already had the axels/cv boots fixed somewhere b/t 60K and 90k, is...
While driving, the car started beeping, the oil light came on and all dials went to zero. The odometer also reset itself to zero miles driven and it no longer reads the outside temperature. The car never shut off and ...
is the tbs located on the throttle body
what tools are needed and how long is job
I did the oil chqnge already. How do i reset it.
I think it has something to do with automatic mirror adjustment but it continues when I put it in drive and until car is driven a few minutes. It can't be normal.
The car's engine revs normally but it does not move at all. When I put the car in gear it does not feel as if it's gone in gear.
My dealer says that my CV boot is missing on the outer side and that the inner one is split. My question is...what is the normal wear on this boot? Wouldn't there be some indication of wear BEFORE it falls off? My ...
128K miles - needs both lower balljoints, sway bar link, axel boot and power steering pump -est. $1100 repairs. Just replaces front brake rotors and pads or $500 two months ago. Trying to decide if it would be worth i...
all gauges etc normal. sometimes air will not work and there is an odor of burning rubber .. other times works fine. when not working engine compartment gets very hot
My Service engine soon light came on. I had the code read and it was PO 492. What does it mean and what is the first thing I should check.
How difficult to replace cooling fan assembly,and what is the cost?