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The belt broke off a I don't have the belt diagram and it is not on the car's hood.
What should it cost to replace the gasket between the oil filter housing and the engine.
Sorry, I know this is a stupid question, dumb blonde asking. Cannot figure out where to add the antifreeze and the icon is telling me I need it. Thanks for your help!
My dealer says that my CV boot is missing on the outer side and that the inner one is split. My question is...what is the normal wear on this boot? Wouldn't there be some indication of wear BEFORE it falls off? My ...
128K miles - needs both lower balljoints, sway bar link, axel boot and power steering pump -est. $1100 repairs. Just replaces front brake rotors and pads or $500 two months ago. Trying to decide if it would be worth i...
the drivers seat adjustment does not work. Can I replace the motor myself?
all gauges etc normal. sometimes air will not work and there is an odor of burning rubber .. other times works fine. when not working engine compartment gets very hot
I keep getting a light that comes on. Don't have manual it looks like a tank with low liquids. Do you know which light Im talking about. It could be the cooling light. So just add 50/50 coolant.
How much would it cost to replace the starter on a BMW 330xi 2003 model? Labor and parts separate pls? Thx
I've looked around for a manual for this car. All the manuals I find do NOT cover the models which are All Wheel Drive. Any manual info, or online resource would be helpful.
My Service engine soon light came on. I had the code read and it was PO 492. What does it mean and what is the first thing I should check.
how do I take the door panel off to fix my window?
code after engine scanned : po 604 ,po 1619, po 0340, po 128 can anyone tell waht this codes mean and parts that need to be replaced ? thanks
How do I turn off the passenger side airbag for a child safety seat which I must put in the front seat?
Iam unable to remove the cv joint from the transmission. I have tried pounding it out, used pry bar even tried an air hammer. It will not come out. What am I doing wrong!
How can I reset the oil service indicator myself using the trip button and turning on the key
I am about to purchase a 02' 330XI 92K miles on it. I am wondering about the transmission condition. How durable is the 330's automatic transmission?
Were do you start wene taking off the drivers side friont door panel?
How difficult to replace cooling fan assembly,and what is the cost?
How do I reset the oil service date on my 2006 BMW 330xi after I get the oil changed (not at the dealer)?
Provide retail dealer costs for front half shafts(cv joints) and outer boots for 2001 330xi
My brake pad warning light is on even after our brake pads, rotory's, and axle boot was replaced. We also had new tires put on. How can we get this light to reset?
One BMW dealer shop says cv joint boots are leaking and split, need to repair immediately. A different dealer repair shop, and an independent shop say, nothing wrong. How do I tell? No shop will let me in to see the b...
I bought a new brake light thinking the old one was no good. I installed the new light and it worked for one day only. the rest of the brake lights work just fine. Any ideas what it might be?
2004 BMW 330xi 77000miles picked up car after had safety check oil filter change engine light is on. What could be the possible problems? I have a thirty day warrenty dealer took back car and said he will have his mec...
that is what i have been told what is that? is it costly? also my hazard lights have been coming on for no reason and I have beeb unable to push the buton and turn them of. they keep doing this and now my battery is d...
What is the estimated annual maintenance on a 2002 BMW 330 xi? Car has 99000 miles on it.