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Brake lights work. Does that mean its the interlock solenoid instead of the brake light switch?
P2570 - (ASE) Powertrain Vehicle Speed Control, Idle Controls, and Auxiliary Inputs DTC Description: Direct Ozone Reduction Catalyst Temperature Sensor Circuit High Sensor End of Range - Circuit Higher T...
I took it to BMW and they reset the CAS and the red steering wheel lock went off, but told me they recommended that I replace the whole steering column.
special procedure must be followed to relearn the correct mirror home position.
it hesitates until i shut it off and restart it. Also a red indicator light circle comes on with a half fluid level but nothing is in manual
comes on in the dash, what is this and how di i get it off? I am positive the dealer would have did whatever they had to do to reset the codes about a new battery???
window went down. Loud thud occurred. No movement back up
Drove my car didn't see anything leaking. Steering wheel locked up and mechanic said power steer fluid 90% gone
I have a cracked wheel on my 18"
i was on a drive from ny to pensilvania when i noticed the problem.. everytime i try to engage cruise i get a cruise control malfunction can i remedy this problem..
it looks like the battery is dead but it's not
I just used the service code reader at an auto store and found out that my service light is on due to code P135B. Is anyone familiar with what that code means? Thanks
Just purchased car used. We do love the car but it does eat alot of gas. Is this normal? Do you think there could be a problem?
i replace the rear brake pads and sensor,and the brake light and massage on display stays on
The driver's outside rear view mirror points downward when in reverse, but does not return to the upright position when shift knob is placed back in Drive.
put new pads on rear of car and replaced sensor but warning light did not go out