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I bought the car a couple of months ago and it doesn't have a key for the locking lug bolt and I don't have money to buy another one
What should I expect to pay
When I stop at drive mode, the car appears like it wants to accelerate. The RPM needle moves a little. Two trusted car repair shops told me they have no idea what it is. The computer is not showing any issues.
How do i get an estimate for this
Groaning noise when turning corners
Replace microfilter
I put a new top on last year and a couple of months ago my top got stuck and I had to manually wind it close. It is not close completely and the light is blinking on the panel and it will open or shut
Had the oil pan gasket replaced on my 1998 328i. Two days later I noticed oil was leaking again and was told by mechanic that the timing chain cover gasket was now leaking and needs to be replaced. Before I fork over ...
Also Push/start button stats on and kills battery, what causing it not to completely shut off. Other then the misfire, I need to figure out if the computer need to be reset or is it a simple problem?
It seems like it wants to die out or lose all power etc. Never had this happen. Checked out all belts etc and nothing out of the ordinary. Taking it to my BMW shop for evaluation.
service engine light is on. This happened a few months back and it fixrd itself. Same thing. The handheld diagnostics says the car is running too cold. Inturned off the AC and it went away. I just figured I had the AC...
I've put fuel in but nothing. A different friend said something about the clutch and starter needing to be replaced now. I don't trust what he says. Never had a problem with either one of them before. I think it might...
I have had the spark plugs changed. A new starter I was told to change the coils? This only happens at a stop.
Specifically the horn and door locks via comfort access features
where is the coast clutch solenoid on my car and how much does it coast, that is one of the codes that keeps coming up as well as the crank shaft sens Im not sure where to find these objects, please help me out Thank ...
problem just occurred june/8/14. window will not go up.
Tried everything but fan won't run is there a switch or something I am missing? Changed the thermostat and bought new fan all installed but no luck still running hot.
what could it be? I turn my air all the way up but no air is coming through the vents, if I am driving on the highway I get cool air coming through, not blowing through but I can feel that the air is cold as if the a...