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i connected everythimg but it would only crank but wont turn onn the obd code is p011 but i dont know whats the problem..
I took my car into the shop for body work and noticed a couple weeks later that the horn doesn't work. I checked the fuses, they are fine. I'm thinking the shop disconnected the horn then forgot to reconnect. Is th...
I have the bolts removed from bushing, but cannot determine how to remove the bushing from the end of the control arm?
Heater does not work properly. Blows cold air most of the time, even on the highest setting. Air on a couple of occasions became warm never hot.
I backed into a BMW 328i, and caused slight damage to the tow cap and it cracked around the tow cap. That was the only damage to the rear bumper. How much would it be to repair? Thanks!
heater will not blow hot air
2000 BMW 328i front passenger window wont roll down. We replaced the regulator 2 weeks ago w a new one. It has been working fine til this morning when it was cold 37 degrees. It rolled down half way, made a loud pop ...
Driver side a/c vents 20 degrees higher than passenger side
not getting any power to cig there a fuse that could be the problem or what to look for to trouble shoot...thx
was told the thermostat was bad. i replaced it and it still heats up. upper hose is hot while lower is cooler and engine gauge reads hot and the radiator fan will not come on even when th a/c is switched on and the he...
i am replacing the water pump where is the thermostat located
how do shut off the automatic central security system because I think thats why my car wont start
It started an ran yesterday and today it wont turn over. Could the automatic central security be set and I dont know how to turn it off?
why when i press down on my clutch it goes all the way to the floor and it well not come up intell u pull it back up
When I drive my 328i MT wagon (11k miles), it makes a rhythmic "whoom, whoom" or "whoob whoob" noise almost like a wheel bearing is not lubricated. But the frequency of hte sound is not fast enough to be wheel noise ...
When reconnected check engine light came on and when try to drive go short distance and yellow (!)light comes on and feals like break is aplied and then ABS light comes on. Can any body please help?? Was running great...
it stared going off an on just about two hours ago and then when out but if. I turn then off and give it a few mins they come back on I had some work done to that side the same problem happened about two years ago
which wa does clutch fan come off? standard threads or backwards threads.
On the control panel for my 2007, 328i, the red brake light is on all the time, owners manual says to service brakes, the car has 35000 miles, I wonder, ballpark figure, how much repair will cost at dealer?
Wipers work fine and there is ample fluid in the wiper reserve for cleaning windshield. However, the fluid does not emit.
The outside temperature setting on my 2000 328i BMW will read an incorrect -30 degrees until I have driven about 10 miles. It will then change to +17 or +18 degrees, still incorrect, and at that temperature the air c...
My 99 328i has a check engine light on. I scanned the Car with a scanner that can scan for BMW propriety codes and it says the my thermostat is open. What are the potential issues if I keep driving the car with th...
How to change break pads front and rear? if possible with pictures or instructions. Thank you all
My bmw heats up and leaks water and now its not driveable. what happened?
Service engine soon light goes on when started and stays on. 19000mi Does this mean just an oil change? If so whats the general cost and should this be a dealer service? Recently bought. Thanks Frank
Recently I have had my battery replaced in my BMW 328I 1996. Abs light came on. How do I turn it off?
air condioner/heater/contol panel/quit working. compressor is running, but can not get fan to turn on, none of the controls such as defroster, heater, etc will come on nor light up on panel.
When I first bought my car it ran like a champ then a few weeks in to owning it every once and a while it would not turnover the first try but once it did it ran as normal then a couple of days ago it had troubles tur...
the car overheat and shut off i try to restart it but it just turns over their a reset button to the circuit breaker
Random no starting . Battery is good get in to start after a hot day and nothing . Call hubby drives over and starts . Then just randomly will not start. Battery is good ??