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sometimes everything is ok and some other times it's like there was no more power steering at all ?? I check the power steering oil level and it's fine...does anybody have that trouble before? can somebody help me ple...
I could be driving with my heater on then all of a sudden I will lose my heater so I turn my car off then on again and I will have heater again whats the problem?
fan running slow so I change fan clutch still fan goes same and still temperature goes high
I had defroster on and a burnt plastic smell started coming out
the reverse light pins replaced by dealer I think all lights on rear of car recalled but not reverse lt.
The above and power windows are out. Is there a common fuse, other? that could account for this?
Is there a fuse common to all of these systems, and if so which and where? Thanks.
when i try picking up speed in my car it feels like my car wont pick up speed and it starts to shake really bad. I have all new tires and my rims arent bent i just got a wheel allignment. It doesnt do it all the time ...
is it a tranny flush is it my tranny goin bad what is it urgent help needed?
I had just changed the inner tie rod boots and done an alignment
this only happened recently and it closes and chokes the car when it is running, but opens when the car turns off. please someone help nothing useful online and in the owners Manuel.
Both buttons light up without hesitation, both are easily depressed; however, the hazard lights don't respond nor will the passenger doors unlock after pressing the button. I've checked the fuses...those are fine. O...
My horn just recently stopped working? No accident or incidents have happened. I see there are two fuses (5,55) for the horn. Can the fix be that easy...replacing the fuses?
I need detailed instructions on how I can replace the outer (passenger side) CV Joint boot on my 2004 BMW 325xi automatic sedan.
how I can locate the fitings of low & high pressure to conect gages
The exhaust butterfly value in one of the muffler pipes on the my car is stuck in the open position. I checked a friends car and I can close the flap manually - it seems to be spring acticated. On my car it will not ...