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I notice a vibration when the car is stopped and in gear. Is this a big problem
High pitch whine from top driver side of engine that goes up or down with the throttle of the engine. No service engine soon light on or other warning lights are on. Otherwise car runs fine. What is the cause of th...
I replaced front drive axle, then developed differential leak, pulled axle again and replaced diff.seal now it is still leaking help.
A year ago, I brought my 2004 BMW 325 xi (81,000 miles) in for routine maintenance. When I picked the car up, the BMW shop explained that they found premature failure of the CV outer axle boots. Both boots were spli...
My problem occurs when I am on long trips, usually an hour or so into the trip. The car will begin shaking/vibrating as if riding on rumble strips when I accelerate on uphill grades. When I let off the gas, the shak...
Looking to purchase extended warranty so I am looking for manger repair costs to help me decide the right policy
The pump had been replaced 2 months ago. The antifreez has been added one week agao. The car is parked outside. Sometimes it sprays and sometimes it does not.
I just had the thermostat replaced along with the power steering hoses. A week later driving 120 miles round trip I noticed some vibration from the left side upon acceleration. The car did not pull to one side or an...
Opened my hood to see what kind of battery that i needed, but there is no info on the top of battery? But the battery color its self is white.
did not pass emissions
Would i need to change the battery or somthing elase is wrong
a wiring harness was unplugged under the hood and i need to know where it goes
My wife's car starting making this grinding/rubbing noise from the fan area the other Saturday morning. We took to a mechanic and it didn't make any noise and they looked at for an hour and couldn't find anything. I...
how I can locate the fitings of low & high pressure to conect gages
Coolant light comes on and off, car do not overheat.
I'm pretty sure my fuel pump went out on my 2001 BMW 325xi. Can anyone tell me where it's located. Is it under my passenger side rear seat or in the tank? How difficult is it to replace?
turn key lights come on, radio works, etc. but car will not start. doesn't even make a sound. tried to jump it but no luck. any suggestions?
is the disa valve and the intake manifold runner control valve the same thing and if so where can i find one cheaper than 200.00
Cool air blows through panel and side vents, but you have to have the blows set on blow front and blow to your feet. The air blowing to your feet blows hot, hot air. You have to set the temp on 65 to maintain some ty...
After how many miles does Inspection II take place?
For two days in a row, my BMW 325xi lost power and stalled after driving it about 50 yards. Once it stalled, the EML, battery, and oil lights came on. I put the car in park, turned the iginiton to the off position, an...
Code Po28 what does it mean
For about a week white smoke has come out of exhaust sometimes when car is started. Yesterday Service Engine Soon light came on. All fluids are full.
rear door will not open for the inside or outside
car won't start or turn over. When I turn the key, no sound but a humming sound from the small box attached to engine. Its not a battery issue. Its a 2003 BMWXI
check engine light keeps comeing on cant find the dip stick
where is my battery i cant find it under the hood? can i remove battery myself? or do i need to take it in to macanics?
when I accelerate in drive going up hill. I get a thumping sound, like a flat tire would goes away if i let up on the gas. it happens when im doing around 55 to 60. what could it possibly be