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had a new blower assembly placed now no air from the air vents
how do i removed the headrest on the back seat?
I want to change spark plugs and have been told ther were two differant engines. One is single and the other is a double ohc. How do I tell the difference as my owner manual is for a 318I?
front passenger side window broken out 1989 325i
is it left or right hand thread??
what is the best way to find where oil leak is?I oil pump do i have to take oil pan off
my car wont stay running at a idle speed. my mechanic (who services bmw) says its not getting spark. sometimes it starts and stays running for 5mins and sometimes for 5sec.? got any ideas?
Is chipping my car worth the cost, and will it make my car not pass smog.
what is the location of the fuse box beneath the hood?
car shakes while idiling what could be the problem
I got my car washed recently and now i cannot figure out how to turn the Radio or stereo back on! How do i do this?
I have been trying to shut the sunroof... It starts to close then retracts open... Just bought car today... What am I missin hear...
what is the average cost for a 2006 bmw 325i with 80,000 miles
I purchased my 2005 BMW 325i new. 33,000 miles and 5 years later, the car needs $2,500+ worth of repairs: replace rear tail light bulb holder and rewire new plug connection due to turn signal out; need drive belts;...
check my fuses but they work fine...what can it b....need help please.
When the car is turned off it just started a beeping noise. What is it?
at low speed when turning corners, intermittent, frontend makes a growling/howling sound. while making right and left turns. problem for past 25k miles. auto taken to dealer many times and told they can't find anythin...
How do I replace the long skinny light in the upper back window?
the car starts up every morning but if i make stops into a store if i shut the car off and take more then 10 minutes it wont start it sounds like it wants to start but just doesnt.And the a/c doesnt work alternator???
I have a 1994 BMW 325ic, and need to replace the DME (Got wet). Is there a difference between a 0 261 200 413 DME with a red label and one with a green label (I have a green label)?
Where is the Low side of the AC system in a 1992 BMW 325
wheres the fuse power to the fuel pump
what does the eml light mean on the dash
I have a 02'Bmw 325i, I brought it used & when I got it the windows didnt come down.... I thought it might be my fuses so I changed them all, still didnt work so maybe a possiblity its my radio wiring right? I took th...
can not locate the fuel pump in this car
How do you change the high brake light on the convertible? I can't figure out how to get into the housing.
my 94 325i convertible wont start,went to start it and does nothing not even a click,it powers up but doent do anything.Any suggestions?how do i replace the starter?
how do I change the drive belt
My blower motor works on 1 speed, about 2 or 3 out of 7. is this the resistor or motor