I ask this question, because all four of my local BMW dealerships parts places gave me different information. Some say it is 65 amps/540 cold cranking amps. Others say 70/540, 50/450, 50/265. But I need to know so I get the right battery.

I changed the battery in my 2004 325i BMW. There is power now and the engine does turn over, but it will not start. Is there something that's keeping the engine from starting? Computer? Other? There have been no other problems with the vehicle.

i have owned my 2004 bmw 325i for a week and last night it rained really hard. i got in this morning to discover that my carpet of the drivers footwell was damp.. very damp in some spots. it was also damp on the carpet of the side transmission thing. i read somewhere that the vapor barrier could be damaged due to a window regulator replacement. could this be the cause?

I was told my 325i BMW had an evaporator core leak. I took it to another shop that claimed it is the hose(s) and fixed it. A month later the a/c stopped working, NOW they say it is the core. Could the leak have suddenly happened after the hose(s) were replaced?

the battery new

I have 50k and was told by the dealership that at 45k belts needed to be replaced. A mechanic told me they looked fine. When is it best to have the belts replaced?


I replaced engine on my bmw. The car sounds good but when I turn the ignition my temperture guage turns to the H and stay there with out the engine warming up. Is there something I forgot to connect on the engine? There is a sensor on the hose and thats connected.

Speedometer needle randomly goes from 0 to 140 regardless of the speed at which I am driving

had them for a sec then thay where gone fuse is good even tryed juming at the switch is ther something between switch and lights

Tried to jump off that did not work all lights and dash lites work is it a bad Battery

When driving in the mountains, i was on a very long downhill section when a number of warning lights came on with a warning tone.
Dynamic Stability Control DSC
Flat Tire Monitor failed
and the Brake warning symbol

at the same time the speedometer fluctuated and droped to zero for a second and returned to normal. When i pulled over, i turned the engine off and back on again and all the warnings went away. i drove it for another couple hundred of miles until at the same point on a long downhill section of road it did it again. Can you help?

Air conditioning worked well the night before and then it stopped completely in the morning without any warning. The fan/blower did not come on but I could feel the air conditioning when I am driving. What went wrong? Please help.

It is past time for me to have a tune up done on my BMW 325i ('02), but I really don't have a "million" dollars to pay the BMW dealer/service dept to do it, where can I go to get it done well at a cost that I can afford. I understand it cost alot, but what BMW mechanics are around in Columbus, Ohio that won't go crazy in charges?

Recently my rear passenger tire was damaged on my way to work and went flat. I had someone put the spare on, and all was good until I got in, started the car and now my ABS light is on for no reason (along with a couple of lights). What happened? Was something messed up in changing the spare? Help!

I made the mistake of putting regular unleaded fuel in when I first got the car (in '08), since then I have been using the right fuel (ie. v-power with Shell). But the "service engine" light is on and has been for a while. How can I turn this off?

I have a new battery and alternator but my car will not start. I place my key in the ignition all electronic systems appears to be working. My only is I need brakes. Why won't my car start?

question on line already

1995 325i bmw convertable all power windows innop
having troubles finding the electrical diagram for this vehicle where would the the fuse or relay for all the power windows be? and how many?

the problem with the car , every time i start the engine when cold it statters,and miss fires, but in a few seconds,15 seconds maybe, it starts to even up ,and while is getting hot it corrects itself, but the engine light is on,the mechanic ,uses his scanner to turn the light off, but in about 10 to 15 minutes it turns on again, i took my bmw to the service and asked for a diagnostic ,i was told that it need a reprograming.the code reads , too lean,my mechanic has inspected for leaks and find none,help.

The whole audio system works when it feels like it. Just makes a humming noice when not working. Seems to not work more when its cold out.60- 40 work to not working. Any help on what causes this and how to fix? Thanks.

I am starting to have regular "warning lights" come on when no problem is found. For example, brake light and coolant will intermittently come on when I'm driving. Several times the "windshield washer fluid low" light says "fluid low". Each time I'd check the WW fluid -- it was full -- the coolant was full. The brakes have been checked numerous times. My thought is: sensors are not working or computer is not working. My 1990 325i convertible is in impeccable condition, inside and out. It has 82,000 original miles. Any ideas on where to start troubleshotting this?

I need know the specification of the original spark plugs of my car.
Thank's Nelson

My car has overheated twice in the last month. It also is sluggish sometimes. I read something on being my computer software. How do I test my computer to make sure there are no problems

I have a 2003 325i w/manual seats and want to replace them w/sport power seats, is this even possible without having to do any wiring? It looks as though there is a wiring harness under the seats so will they just plug in to it?

i went to bmw service center with my problem which is the oil indicator lights in a yellow after 1900km..when i check the oil level i found it needs about 1k..and there is no leaking at all checked by the service center,,they dont know what is the problem at all...dose any body has the same (no leaking at all) i dont know where the oil gose,,,,

I have a 1995 325i that won't do anything when I turn the key.The battery is good,the lights on the dash come on, and the key in ignition chime sounds,but nothing.Oh yeah...it's a manual.I even tried to push start it.

rear wheels angled out and sitting low , is this a air bag suspinsion, and is there a aftermarket shock that could replace it

My Daughter complains that sometimes hot water drips on her foot when she is driving, i can't find the leak, of the cause. I've heard it may be a clogged drain hose for the condenser and the water is coming from there. Please help she drives with a bag on her foot to protect it.

this problem just started a day ago: the dashboard computer lights will not turn off when the ignition key is removed.