I got the p0171 and p0174 obd codes, this happened after my car ran out of gas. I've cleaned the MAF sensor, replaced the gas cap and the fuel filter. My thought is the heated oxygen sensors are bad.

replace lines as required. Also, I was told may need to replace "rack and pinion system?

What would that cost?

My car runs great new brakes, and oil service. How much should my 60,000 service cost

Owner's manual says it is the alternator. Is there something simple I can check b4 I take it into the mechanic? Thanks in advance for your wisdom. 97,500 miles

Steering wheel isn't working

There are two rectangular covers on the panels where rear doors would be if the car had them. How do you replace those covers and attach the springs and position the pistons in the springs? A diagram would help.

I know this is a very vague question, but i recently purchased a 2001 BMW 325ci and I noticed a few small oil spots on the driveway. It appears to be forming right under the engine area. again, I know it could be anything form valve cover gasket, to oil cap gasket to oil pan gaskets...etc, I was just hoping someone might be more versed in BMW common problems that may be able to tell me what it could possible be, and how to find out what it is exactly.

small amount of liquid spilled on console and now right rear window doesn't work-help

I am thinking about trading my 2002 V6 Camaro in on a 2001 BMW 325ci. It looks and rides very nice, leather, wood grain shifter, sunroof, the whole nine yards. However, i know my camaro, i have replaced the 02 sensor, mass air flow, fuel filter, pcv valve. The BMW has 140xxx miles and mine has 109xxx. It is silver and beautiful, but i am worried about buying a BMW with so many miles. Anyone have any reason why i shouldn't? Anything specific i should look for or ask before making the deal solid?

all happened about a week ago.sounds like a blown fuse,how do I locate which fuse is blown

my 04 325ci stalled and would not restart next day it started ran fine for a short time stalled and will not restart. no codes

Engine temp slow to rise and a/c is charged but will not cool down cabin is there avalve or damper stuck and if so can it be replaced with minium tools?
Thank you in advance,
Bob T.

how to relace disk brake pads?

i get a high pitch whisle

How many hours does it take to replace a water pump from a certified mechanic?

What type of bulb for right turn signal ?

after driving on a highway and exited, when i stopped on a red light, the idle speed dropped and the engine stalled. This happened twice. Also when i was driving on a highway and hit rubbernecking traffic, the engine stalled. My nephew who used to work at BMW dealership checked the disa-valve and the fuel fuse which are good. He suggest to replace the idler control valve but it is very expensive. May i know if we are on the right track, or is there any other underlying problem. Please let me know and thank you so much.

I looked in for the fuse in the glove compartment and didn't have one, is there another fuse box? and or a switch module?


for my 2004 325ci

My engine light turns on for a while and then all of a sudden turns off and stays for a long time, what can this be?

Is it necessary to replace the fan clutch motor when replacing the water pump or is the service department trying to rip me off

what kind of coolant and engine oil should i use?

This was working two months ago when I had my inspection. All Fuses are juiced so not that. There is no power in the connectors to the pump. Thinking it is wiring or relays. wondering how to address and fix. Was told by the dealer it is the pump and that the cold weather can effect it, but not buying that yet. No leaks or anything like that

Battery has power but car won't turn over at all, just hums. No previous problems.


occurs on all but very smooth roads. Top doors and windows seem to function normally

my passenger side wiper arm wont go all the way down to the cowl its up about 5 inches when in the off postion, apon inspection it seems that the arm was loose, the shaft that goes through the cowl all so moves, it is not tight like the driver side. I pulled the cap on the arm thinking that the nut was loose but its very tight, how do I expose the linkage? should the shaft that attaches to the wiper arm be loose? the wipers work fine with no issues other than the passenger arm not returning all the way down,but i can push it back down and it will stay....

I want to change my own oil where is the cartridge and how do I change it

The electric Fan is starting not to works when the air conditioner is on. Car overheats