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The rear noise isnt terrible but annoying like riding on snow tires.
The coupe has windows that when the car has both doors closed the wondows shoot up so nothing gets in and when one door is opened the wondows shoot down less than and inch. The light for the doors wont go off unless i...
I was driving and could hardly see the lights seem to dim when I checked it they where fine Its hard to steering some times please help
i left the car for about 4 hours went back to check it out and it still wont start. it kicks over fine but thats all. how can i fix my problem?
I don't know if this is the problem the ac doesn't come on most of the time it kicks in once in a while so if figure it the blower motor resistor am I right are wrong is thinking this.
I have a 1995 318is bought new. 185,000 miles.Always taken care of. One day intrument panel. window buttons on shift console, heat/ac/ radio am/fm/tape lights went out( orangle backlight). The odometer, abs and headl...