It comes on and then go off.

to the water manifold at the rear of the engine the leak is where the pipe connects to the water manifold. the pipe has a bleed fitting that connect to the center top of the engine. is there enough clearance between the top of the pipe and the bottom of the intake manifolds to lift the bleed fitting out and pull the pipe out or do I need to remove the intake manifolds?

I have a warranty but what does this problem fall under?

How can I run Bluetooth thru my factory radio. Is ther an auxiliary port I want to be able to run pandora thru my phone or use my I pod

Flashing red oil light in stop and go traffic. Oil level is good. Oil does need to be changed.

All fuses have been checked, battery is good, took water pump out, thermostat and changing coolant sensor next.

after have bought my bmw when do i need to replace the gearbox oil.after how many years or miles.

does this car have one main computer/ engine computer? how much should it cost to replace?

While driving it said engine failure and went into safety mode never happened in all years I've had car just had it serviced 10 days before

i fill the radiator in green coolen and i drove the car like 2 hrs per day after 3 days i check the coolant i found the radiator empty i searched for leaked i didn't find some help please
PS: my car is bmw e46 323iA 1999

I started the car up a week and a half later and all my dash lights came on,( breaks, be careful breaking, airbag malfunction, alt, 4x4 etc ). BMW Rep said, its cold outside and I need to drive it to recharge the battery. I drove 30 minutes and it started feeling like I was loosing power steering power. Then my car speeds up and steer better if I don't stop at a light. I took it on the expressway and it drove okay, but those lights stayed on. What could it be? I never drive far and the battery isn't two years old. Everything in this car is factory only.

I drove the car and all was well. But a week and a half later I got in to drive and it started up ok, but all the dash lights were on, such as brakes, airbags, alt etc., I called BMW and was told I needed to drive it, because its cold and is most likely the battery. i drive for 30 minutes but nothing happened. I haven't had this battery 2 years and never drive far. what could it be. I love my car.

Tried disconnecting the battery feels like a wire behined engine cause i moved the wire and it plays

After I repaired my differental, axals, and control arms, I still hear the clicking and grinding noise,what else could it be?

Replaced radiator, both thermostats, expansion tank (on #3 right now) keeps cracking, fan clutch, hoses, heater core was leaking, so bypassed it, no visible leaks anywhere. Any answers to what else it might be. I have put so much new into hard to give it up!

I thought this would be reasy I ordered one on line when it showed up wouldn't plug in . my switch is different then all the switches ive looked at ./ they look the same at first glance but there different . I need a 2A model all I can buy is a B2 model tjhat dosnt fit. No 2A anywhere to be found

Small leak varies from time size to a quarter.

My 19yr old son was was working and doing great and I bought him a 745i . Stupid I know . But he got a DUI and has no license and refuses to give me the key and continues driving it . So I need to figure out a way to make it not run . Can someone please help me out ????

I think its my oil pressure control valve

My transmission is not driving right with that on

My AC is not working just completely stopped

when I accelerate over 60mph a ticking noise is coming from the dash on the drive side. It's sound like it's a fan. As I slow down the ticking stops. What could be the problem?

Ran completely out of gas and we out gas in but still won't start

Trunk is in correct position. Put windows down in preparation. Light flashes but no action.

When stopped at red light or in idle position the car shakes.

M50 engime

it has a cover over it and there is a strange noise coming from it. sounds like a ticking noise but almost like a water noise . car wasn't even running

How much for repair the engine battery and transmission?

Whine is not getting worse. There is a small oil stain around LH side of diff. Could the active oil reserve be overfilling? Is the diff repairable or is it a sealed unit?

Have changed tyres, shock absorbers. Not getting worse in past 5 years.