I bought this car because I thought it would be fun to drive. Nothing could be further from the truth. Everything is a pain in the ass including simply putting air in the tires.

Is there a way to simply turn the tire pressure sensors off? I think I'm capable of checking my tire pressure.

passenger door collects water from rain./when it pours, I find water in the door pocet.r

My car had a gear engaging noise from the back after I start the ignition and my electronic shifting gear won't let me shift to reverse from the first attempt it shift after second attempt and the car jerk from the back after I stop just before I take off my foot from the brake pedal while I am driving any ideas thanx

Iam having, trouble opening hood and I also want to do oil change and ha ve no idea how it is done.it is different from other cars I have had

I put the car in nuetral then shut it down for a few seconds then start it up again. It usually happens when Im accelerating

The code that came up said leakage inducing. Misfire on 1 and 3 plug.

My mpg and speedometer not working and I think this is the problem

Take spark plugs off & noticed water on them.

All dashboard analog gauges do not activate after the car has been running for about 30 seconds. My BMW mechanic is stumped on a possible cause. This occurs every time I start the car and has been like this for over two years.

Notice idle about 600 rpm, changed flapper, how do I solve issue?

The brakes are real hard and ABS light on

I was driving on the highway, then the oil light came on, I went about 3 more miles to the next exit because it was dark and rainy I could not pull over on the highway, and almost made it to a lot when the car shut down. I went into the hood and oil was all over the place. no coolant leak at all. just oil on the engine. tried to start but didn't start, tried to turn over then when I tried starting too many times battery started to die. car never over heated, no coolant on the engine. is it possible car went into some safe mode, computer wise? car also will not come out of park into neutral.

there is a clicking sound under the hood near the starter.

I'm wondering how I can tell if its the bushing or the cv boot or if the whole left front axle assembly. I'd like to know more before I visit my mechanic.

Replaced all 4 obd sensors, both ccv
Clean both exhaust manifold ports replaced the battery and all spark plugs also gas cap
All monitors but secondary monitor will not complete

Replaced part for the code P0011...camshaft item.

My car continued to drive normally, but the display that shows temp/miles/time/etc. was flashing with nonsense. I turned my car off and turned my lights off, which stopped the issue temporarily before starting again. I have also noticed that it is becoming more difficult to unlock my doors manually (the key fob does not work). Is it a computer problem or a electrical issue?

it occurs every time when I'm at a stop. it will shake/jerk and will do this every couple seconds till i start to drive again. but there is no engine light showing.

Happens when the engine is cold and warming up.

No matter if I drive the car one block or 20 miles, no pressure builds up in overflow reservoir. I can just take cap off easy and no steam at all.

Codes show misfires in cylinders 1 & 3.
ISTA/D shows:
140010 - combustion misfires several cylinders detected
140002 - misfire, several cylinders, damaging exhaust gas after starting up
140001 - misfire, several cylinders, fuel injection switched off

changed plugs and coils on both cylinder 1 & 3, but still no change.

I only have one key (spouse) and I've lost the little transponder in the middle. Can that be a reason my car won't start? With the key in, it'll turn all the lights on and Windows doors ECT. But won't start car. Please help...

I pull over and shut it off, then restart it again and everything works fine for about 5 to 10 minnutes, the it all happens again. What is up with this?

the car it's going on is the 2003 530I, VIN# WBADT634X3CK31854. Thanks

Is it the clutch or the shifter solenoid? It only does it when I put my foot into it. Please help because the price for just the clutch alone is $600 and I can just imagine how much the labor will be. I am mechanically inclined with almost all vehicles but this is my first bmw.

Tried jumper cables and checked fuses also.

No more just buying the car. And needs clutch

Intermit transmisn failure

I out tue key in and no power or light come one. It was fine and then one day has no electrical power

When my 530i is parked outside overnight or when it is colder than 50 degrees outside it cranks over but wont start. When it warms up or sun comes out it starts up fine. The car runs fine otherwise, no codes come up etc. This has happened at least 10 different times and no one can figure it out!Could it be a dirty idle control valve? Please help! Thank you in advance!