I had bank 1 and 2. Code was 491-492. Since the repairs have been made. The Check engine light do come on. Meaning during start up it do not appear with he rest of the indicator at your dash board.

car battery kept draining . Mechanic disconnected navigation device & cd player. Now radio goes off every 45 seconds or so.

My heater isn't blowing hot air, but the a/c does work. I changed my fuses , check the thermostat, now I'm wondering if its the FINA stage or where to go from here, I also have a electrical issue with my vehicle which the dealer pretty much said to fix my heater and wiring would coast me around 6,000 , so any suggesting would greatly be appreciated! Along with tge Winter around the corner I'm trying not to have my children freeze.

for about a week i tried to do the drive cycle , but is the same , there is no codes

Call won't start battery ok

I have checked the ABS sensor a while back and now the speedometer is not working and it completely went off. Not sure what the problem is. Please help me with that. Thanks

Want to its fuel consumption on daily run around

the lite stays at -40

My bmw won't start only sometimes...when it doesn't start it say on the dash F circle with an exclamation mark and N

I do not here fuel pump running. and will not start...battery went dead afterwards ran but very bad, now will not run at all is it sleep due to security system or what?

what are the common causes for this

panel. This panel has no max button.

What is generator fault

I ran into a center median and no damage to car, Exception Flat Tire and dented rim. Right after the "accident" the car started flashing hazards, and all other "cluster Lights" were on. I was able to drive it home however once I Parked it in the garage it would not start again.

It will eventually go into drive, 0
Park and reverse but takes many tries! Says gear shifter malfunction. This is every day!

The tire like is something wrong.

Hello I have a check engine light on in my car it says Bank One below threshold and now recently another one came out saying circuit low circuit coolant but the car does not overheat can anyone help me The codes are p0420 and p0116

The car seems to be running fine and the temperature gauge read right between the red and blue indicators....normal..

is hitting plastic shroud and I see pieces of a belt and is running hot can anyone tell me what this might be

Brought to shop and told I needed new starter but mechanic didn't want to do it since it was huge job?

This words come up when I'm driving the car

While driving, the steering column will move all the way down to the lowest setting. I try fighting it, but it just won't stay where I set it.

I cut open my original BMW key to replace battery in order to save $200 from getting a new key from the dealer. As I was walking I lost the inside part of the original key so I bought a used key on Craigslist and cut that key open in order to put it in my original key and my car still won't start. No click no nothing. Not the battery because I just bought a new one so I know its the key. Is there a way to reprogram the key so my car will start without spending $200 on a new key from the dealer? Please help thanks

Dealer adviced to change as
But can buy socket only online.

I wont to replace the purge valve and the location of the purge valve and are the purge valve and vapor canister purge solenoid the samething

I took mine off I thought it was cracked but it wasn't .I saw that the thermostat was cock eyed so I put a new one in ,when I put it togeather again poured in anti freeze it poured out the bottom.i also noticed my sensor didn't have any covering on it ,does it need it.

power comes on but starter won't engage. theres a loud ticking coming from the glove /fuse box,even with out key . Ticking comes on then stops for a second before coming back. Battery cables and grounding strap do not appear to be corroded. there are no dtc stored. i have audio and video of the clicking


Ran out of gas then put in one gallon then ran the car ten miles then put in three gallons now it start up drives ten feet dies out exhaust burns hot

I have a BMW X3 2005, lately after driving on a bumpy road a warning sound and the ABS, Brake warning and DSC 4X4 warning Lts come on and stay on.
After switching off and restarting, the lights go off until I hit a bumpy road again.