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What could cause this? & how would I fix the problem
It started as a small leak but now it seems to spit, it seems to be mostly the driver side and at stops I get the infamous burning rubber smell. All the forums mostly say Valve cover gasket but the location seems like...
The rear noise isnt terrible but annoying like riding on snow tires.
After getting an oil change the engine oil pressure warning comes on. I've had the Vanos line,oil filter housing gasket and oil sensor replaced and the warning light is still coming on. Has anyone Concord this problem?
How to , how hard
does this need replaci or can it be tighteed access seems to be alittle tricky
There are three lights, the hand break light, the ABS light and the other light next to the ABS light. the other two go off as soon as i start the car, but the other one, which i dont know doesnt go off for the past t...
something broke breaking my fan blades land reader leaking oil like crazy
Hello Everybody, I don't know anything about cars so here is my question. At the ignition there is an orange light on the dashboard saying "Service Engine Soon", but when I turn on the engine this light turns out. ...
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no smell, no smoke, no overheating. car has a sealed oil system so can't check for water. but oil level is right at full like always. 75000 miles. hit 100mph coppla times, never wound out the gears,
What should I expect to pay
when u turn the key to start the car sounds like it wants to turn over but jist cant
i got all other power but wont start! it had a burned smell to it! thanks everyone for your help!
It just started last week. Was wondering do I need to buy another key? It takes about 15 or 20 trys before lock releases. Any help in this matter will be much appreciated.
I had charge checked and it was good. A/C blows cold on Max only, but then fan is too high and loud. What do you think it might be, and what is estimated cost to repair? Thanks!