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I have a 2006 Audi A8L W12 and can't figure out how to use the ECO feature to turn the A/C compressor off but still have the climate control (say heat) on. My 2000 A8 just had an ECO button on the dash (easy right?) ...
Anyone know how/where to plug in my IPOD for music. Can't find any Aux/input connectors to try. Possibly the red and white out put connectors in the trunk from the DVD player? OR from the back of the radio, is ther...
I have not had a problem with my car starting until freezing temp's. will starter fluid possibly work?
stays on steady at high RPM. Recently had head gasket,coils, timing chain, and PVC replaced.Brought car home from shop twice and problem persists. Mechanic is stumped. No leaks or such detected in new head also! Great...
mechanic says $ 3100.
Just bought 2007 audi a4 cabrolet convertible and cluster panel display goes on and off and when on has lines through it. Does anyone else have this issue?
saftey mode. what could the problem be. it starts goes into reverse, will go into drive but wont drive above 30 miles per hr for the most part
Car stalled once as well. needed a jumpstart. Battery and alternator tested fine. Car has started fine since then.
The sound stops after a few minutes, assuming when the car engine is warm.
It slowly stopped on me in traffic and after it came to a complete stop i attempted to start it and you can only hear that its trying to start but wont.
there was no sign before that happen, the car was driven for 20 km, parked for 4 hours, the car refused to start when i was to go. the steering is unlocked, gearshift locked; the car cant even sense the key
Audi a4 sport 04 had bought car then 30 miles down Rd power just went what's the cause and how much to fix is this fixable
So i have a 2006 audi a6 quattro i have a cracked radiator i keep putting water it but one day i get off work start it i feel this spec of oil shoot up at my face from the front of the engine so i back up look under a...
I had thermostat replaced once at 21000miles and the car was under warranty. After driving for two years, my car now has 52000miles. The car has the same problem but this this time the warranty is no longer covered.Th...
my car only runs in reverse why would that be
Why turn on the light of the oil when it accelerated to 2000 rpm in my 1999 Audi A4 2.8
I dont understand everything sound onto accelerate after 2000 rpm
I would like to read other owners problems with there 2002 Audis, please........
This just happened for the first time - any suggestions?
I noticed I don't have any lights illuminating up front. Usually most cars would have the signal lights on before th head lights were turned on.