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Hi i change the coils and sparkplugs on my audi and cilinder 4 said i have misfire and we reset the car for few days is fine and the check engine light turns on
Looking at buying a 2008 S4 with 90k miles on it and I have been reading that many of the S4's have an issue with the timing chain tensioners. I wanted advice on whether to go ahead with this purchase or not.
Replaced neutral safety switch, but does not register on the dash any gears. I put in neutral again and starts
My blinkers are not working, when i turn them on, in my dash board they are blinking fast but outside there is no light, i've heard alot about changing the hazard lights switch but i don't know if that really is the p...
Car was left sitting for 2 months
This has occurred twice on initial start up. On the first fail, the next day or two later, the ac fan started with the engine with no cooling issues. No lights failed &/or no alerts on the console. Engine sounds as i...
I had to replace the old one and so i need the original code, so the new one can be programmed
Repair costs
what are signs that your head is cracked or gasket blown ? car works perfectly but overheats and the radiator cover pops out. thanks in advance for any info.
I have a 2015 Audi Q7, bought on Friday with 19 miles on it. The next afternoon when driving as I continued to apply the gas pedal the Q7 lost power and the MPH went down to 0. When I take my foot off the gas pedal ...
Furthermore, the vehicle shakes and struggles to accelerate for 5-10 min then drives mostly fine for the remainder of the day. This happens at the beginning of each day. The Audi also shows signs of needing a new timi...
with AC on or off. right turn water flow from drivers side of console the opposite for left turns.
Also is wearing my tyres out prematurely. I think maybe the stearing rac may need rebuilt. I need confirmation from someone who has had experience with Audi's in the past and who may have an idea on cost.
I replaced the flasher switch and it still makes a buzzing noise. And i still have no blinkers.
Lane B - Item # 2049 on AutoBidMaster VIN:WAUBGAFL2EA048383 I have carfax report too!
we stored it for the winter , moved it the replaced the battery now it won't go into gear, its locked in park