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light came opn first 5minutes of ride. then i noticed gas door was open but cap closed.
i left my audi q7 with dealership in birmingham al . they said catalytic convertors have melted and in order to fix the problem it will cost 5000 dollars . i was also told by the dealership i bought the car from that ...
The Blower fan has gone in my 2008 Q7 with 80000 miles. You can hear it knocking and trying to work when putting on the front defroster. Dealership wants 400 for the parts and 500 to install it (4 hours) I am...
what i ment was the 2 bolts on the caliper they look sort of like torx but with more splines in it soory i never seen it be for mostly work on trucks for the past 20 years never seen a head on a bolt like this one an ...
tool and size to take off rear caliper on a 2010 audi q7
humming noise when driving, seems to me that its coming from the back! any one with this problem going over 25 mph?