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the back part started to unhinge but then it stopped. Only went so far . Acts as if the trunk weren't locked but it was. This is safety feature i guess that trunk is locked and if it wasn't the back part of ytunk mech...
It starts when cold but if I drive and then stop car wont start ....could it be still some rusty coolant in the system
the car was running and stalled know it will not start or crank no sound when I turn the key
where is the reservoir for the power top and how do I access it
there is only one nut on the top and I cant work out how to get to it to remove it
Has been checked but nothing found so far, any idea what causes this? Car is kept in garage ,when we open trunk, heavy gas fumes, have to leave it open to air it out before starting.
how do i refill the hydraulic fluid on 1995 Audi cabriolet top
Can the back window be replaced? Would it be better to replace the top and window? Estimated cost?
happened as I pulled into my garage and was turning the car off
the wheels still turn, but not even park locks the wheels anymore. What broke?
ordered a new plastic rear window has zipper, how do I put it in
One day my top was workinng and the next day it stopped. Is there a fuse I can check and if so, where is it located?
the transmission is very sluggish...1st start of the day its fine...2nd start it starts to get hung up and after every stop and go the oil pressure sensor light beeps and flashes..oil pressure sensor was replaced and ...