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As many others on this site, our Audi has started filling up with huge amounts of water when it rains....and dumping it on our feet and out the rear a/c vents etc. The plenum tray is clear....but we have been unable ...
Any issues with this model?
When I start my car, the esp light is not on but as I'm going down the street maybe 15/20 mins later, it pops on and stays on until I cut the car back off. This is happening everyday. Does it have anything to do with ...
I always have to crank, stop, then crank again to cold start it and it always starts. If it has run with in 15 min, it will start right up. If it sits off for more than say 1/2 hr, I have to crank (say 5-6secs) stop,...
The car has been leaking oil ever since we had it changed. I know that in some cars the plug has a compression seal that's a one time use. Is this the case with the Audi?
System works fine for approx 1 week then reverts back to soft pedal, not losing any brake fluid, fault is purely air in the system.
Have lost all running lights, but flashers, brakes, back up all work fine. Also lost "lights on" alarm, so assume control module. No current to fuses.
When I press the CHECK button and it runs thru its' routine, highlights "Rear Lights" as problem. Changed fuses which looked "scarred" but still no rear or side running lights?? Car has 79,000 miles, and plugs oil wer...
car sat for 4 months slight front end damage
ive notice a problem with the car level since its been cold.. when then weather got hotter it raised fine..then the other day i heard the compressor running none stop.. this morning the compressor is running but the b...
put on standard but droops back to dynamic and front or rear won't raise.. what causes that a relay?
The hissing stops momentarily when turning the steering wheel. The sound began after I had a used engine installed but the mechanic can't figure it out.
1997-1999 audi a8 quattro 4.2 iat sensor ecu
It sparked when replacing lights flashed for a split second and then nothing worked
no clicking, no lights, nothing. any ideas?
lights on control panel will not light up; thinking it may be a fuse. can't operate radio, cd, navigator, etc.
lights on control panel will not light up; thinking it may be a fuse. can't operate radio, cd, navigator, etc.
it is a P reg a8 quattro 4.2 V8 with a 4 speed auto. any help would be appriciated.
is a round or flat filter? I see the air box I believe right there on passenger side.
When I press the dashboard button for the rear defroster, the light comes on and, the outside mirror defrosters, which are also controlled by the same switch, begin to defrost. I have no indication the rear window def...
I changed brakes front and rear, new pads and rotors, pads had new sensors in them. I reset rear e brake with scan tool and everything works fine, but the brake warning light is still on.
i checked the fuse in the trunk it's not blown. what would my next step be to check out?
while driving at normal highway speed, if I "stomp" hard on the gas pedal the engine will sometimes hesitate or sputter before downshifting, or seemingly lag before firing up to speed