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water comes out of the air conditioner ducts in the dash and rear of center console
my temperature is reading celisus and i want to change it to farenhite
passenger side on a 1997 Audi A8 quattro, Do you have to replace the Harmonic Balancer. And when removing the center crank bolt, should it be replaced with a new one. And if not properly torque to factory spec. 285lbs...
Want to find out the time intervals for changing the timing belt on my 2004 Audi A 8.
Do you put the refrigerant on the high side or low side. Or can you provide a diagram? Thanks
My 1997 Audi Quattro went into "safe mode" with all the gears selected and lit up in red on the dash that normally indicates what gear the car is in? No power, but driveable?
It Makes a Noise when turning sharp, sometimes when I stop to back into a parking space, but otherwise I have no problems.
Just purchased a Audi A8 Quattro and after driving for a while, a loud smell of fuel appears in the passenger compartment, anybody familiar with this problem
i need to know wat all the lil picture on dashboard mean?
slips all the time it is put in reverse
iwant to know what numbeer is the cigarette lighter fuse and how to get to the passenger headlight bulb
After heavy rain or car wash.. on acceleration water POURS through heat/AC vent inot footwells in the rear. This is not "drops like from the evap drains up front. WAVES of water.
my 2004 a8l starts fine after 30 seconds it stalls then can be restarted like nothing ever happened then repeats this process every 30 seconds at an idle or going down the road at any speed. if im going 50mph or above...
feels is shifting between gears
pushing the rear caliber piston in
how much is it to replace the torque converter for A8
Overheating even on idling, fan working ,no coolant lose.
car is in failsafe mode
I put my car in reverse and it didn't even run back and the I gave it a little gas and it did not move it sounded as if I was reving the engine. The steering feels stiff. I tried to test the gear shift to see if it w...
where is the oil filter located on this model
Today I got an estimate from Audi for the exchange of the catalytic converter (driverside) of 4600,-, RepairPal estiamtes at max. 1193,- Can you name a mechanic who would the job for this money?
I need to add oil. What type do I use.
When I drive 55-60, the steering wheel shakes..not too terribly, but enough to bug me. I got my 2 front tires replaced today (with balance), and it still does it. 2. When i stopped driving and looked under car, I s...
tryig to replace lower control arm on audi ab quratto
i replaced my front & back rotors,break light still stay on.
when replacing the timing belt, what other parts are being removed that would be beneficial to replace at the same time. No need to chance other parts which might need replacing failing a short time later when you can...
car ran fine then check engine light came on .then the car went into fail safe mode[when put into gear all gear selector lights illuminate]if i move it it runs like in low gear
where is the oil filter housing located on the 2004 Audi A8 quattro 8cyl 4.2L?
The RepairPal price estimate says between $75 and $125 in my area, yet I was just charged much, much more. The basic parts were about $90, but another $150 for labor, as they said there is a lot of labor involved eve...
does the picture on the message board with a thermometer in water mean thermostat problems?