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Pads of decent quality, rotors, and the require electronic caliper initialization with vag-com laptop or factory tool is required, your price seems innacurate.
ive notice a problem with the car level since its been cold.. when then weather got hotter it raised fine..then the other day i heard the compressor running none stop.. this morning the compressor is running but the b...
put on standard but droops back to dynamic and front or rear won't raise.. what causes that a relay?
The hissing stops momentarily when turning the steering wheel. The sound began after I had a used engine installed but the mechanic can't figure it out.
1997-1999 audi a8 quattro 4.2 iat sensor ecu
took car for a drive. everything worked fine. made a pit stop. cut car off & left for approx 15 mins. returned to vehicle & car started fine. mmi started but no sound no matter the selection. pulled over after driving...
It sparked when replacing lights flashed for a split second and then nothing worked
Filter is in a permanent housing; not a removable canister. Cap that secures and seals filter in place does not have enough clearance to get past alternator to allow removal of filter.
no clicking, no lights, nothing. any ideas?
lights on control panel will not light up; thinking it may be a fuse. can't operate radio, cd, navigator, etc.
lights on control panel will not light up; thinking it may be a fuse. can't operate radio, cd, navigator, etc.
it is a P reg a8 quattro 4.2 V8 with a 4 speed auto. any help would be appriciated.
when I push the round button in the center to select language and radio or cd; it doesn't do anything...none of the buttons do anything. can I take the console cover off?
is a round or flat filter? I see the air box I believe right there on passenger side.
occasionally its fine. now it will hardly stay running. acts like its not getting gas ??? help!!!!
When I press the dashboard button for the rear defroster, the light comes on and, the outside mirror defrosters, which are also controlled by the same switch, begin to defrost. I have no indication the rear window def...
I changed brakes front and rear, new pads and rotors, pads had new sensors in them. I reset rear e brake with scan tool and everything works fine, but the brake warning light is still on.
Can not get anything to blow out of the vent's, It sounds like it's on but nothing comes out
i checked the fuse in the trunk it's not blown. what would my next step be to check out?
I got both lights on the green n yellow but the green goes off the yellow stays on n it air low
while driving at normal highway speed, if I "stomp" hard on the gas pedal the engine will sometimes hesitate or sputter before downshifting, or seemingly lag before firing up to speed
To change the timingbelt and water pump and also change rear brake?
To change the timingbelt and water pump and also change rear brake?
Just started a week ago, live in FL and when I turn hard left\right water leaks onto feet. Thank you kindly
The MMI has been replaced. The dealer says that the instrument cluster must be replaced ($1500). Does the cluster really need to be replaced?
water comes out of the air conditioner ducts in the dash and rear of center console
my temperature is reading celisus and i want to change it to farenhite
passenger side on a 1997 Audi A8 quattro, Do you have to replace the Harmonic Balancer. And when removing the center crank bolt, should it be replaced with a new one. And if not properly torque to factory spec. 285lbs...
Want to find out the time intervals for changing the timing belt on my 2004 Audi A 8.