I bought a 2006 Audi A6, I love the car but I have an oil leak, brake pump vacuum, gasket cover, steering g hose, wheel bearing fronts needs to be replaced could the noise I hear be due to oil on the wheel bearing and it actually does not need to be replaced? I hear the noise at the least acceleration.

The problems are the RIGHT REAR LIGHT, ADAPTIVE LIGHT DEFECT, and the TPMS tire pressure monitoring system. After 30 min on the road they go out.

Like once u pull over after u been driving its a plastic burning smell on the outside of the car probably coming from under the hood im not sure any idea please comment back

And when i get car to restart, the idle revs. Any ideas?
Also, where can I find a list of recall info. for my vehicle? Thank you.


Also 300 n 301n 302 which is the O2 sensors are reading too lean. I just replaced the fuel filter that was factory.

on and engages the brakes for a split second. don't know the problem or how to fix, advice?

I have a 2005 AUDI A6 QUATRUM car that when you start it the Red Parking brake with a line through it and then is followed by a yellow sign lights up on the dash panel and makes a loud beep once or twice. Can you please help me. Thank You. Donnie

Where are the relays in the 2006 Audi A6 located?

Trans., very slow & kind of dragging before going into the 2nd. gear on Drive ? Once it goes in the 2nd. gear seems to smooth out.

car jump time and bent valves when we tried to start it after we installed auxilerly water pump. what could cause the timeing to jump, timing belt and gears perfect condition (new last year)

When the temp decreases to fall temp the vehicle will not start (elevtrical. During warm weather car works perfectly The battery is new. It feels like the motor uses power only from the battery and does not charge the battery or allow the battery to charge It was fine all summer but is faltering now in cooler weather as it did last year.

brake is depressed, shoe indicator seems to work, brake peddle seems hard, with foot on brake allows movement of shift selector, problem just started...yesterday after sitting 7 hours then ok for a few starts...then this am..after ten minutes of opening door, pushing brake, putting key in and out it started

It blows cool air out the center vents and extremely hot air
out the side vents. The problen happens most when braking. What is the problem?

We drove the car to the store came out 20 minutes later and the car wouldn't start. We left it and came back a few hours later and it started right up. It kept doing this throughout the week so we took it to the shop where they said we needed to replace the battery so we had them put a brand new one in. The battery indicator on the dashboard read just under 12 so it looked like everything was good. It worked for 2 weeks and now is doing the same thing with the starting sometimes and then not starting and once we even had the car running while loading it up for a move and it shut itself off with the battery indicator showing no battery power at all (it had been running for about 5-10 minutes), now is just clicks, trying to turn over we can't get it to start at all. We are trying to figure out what exactly is going on because the new battery did not work.

i am looking for a mechanic in my area(11421) that will fix the head gasket for the price shown on repairpal..

My inner lights, windows won't go up or done and sunroof don't work. I checked all my fuses, I don't know what it is, what could be wrong with it how do I check it and how much will it costs to get it fixed?

we have what seems to be a pressure leak near the heater

my audi was running just fine and i was out of town for the week end and i went to drive it and it wouldnt start it makes 2 very low clicking noises and i go to start it and the engine turns but dont start i checked fuses and it has a full tank of gas primum and well i cant get it started what could it be i also bought a new battery please help what can i do

my car overheats after 10 minutes whether idling or driving.
this all started after a flood 2 months ago, overheated once then and then; first drive after car finally restarted. last week it started overheating every time I try to drive it.
engine light come on and codes read (1)bad catalytic converter bank 2 below threshold and (2) cylinder 1 misfire

and other devices work as designed.

I drive an Audi A6 Quattro 187k+ miles and was told the control arm bushing needs replacement & is causing the wheel alignment issue. The replacement is very costly and I was wondering if tire rotation every 3k miles can delay the replacement? What can happen if I delay replacement in addition to uneven wear and tear of tires?