I will have added approximately 1 1/2 qts of oil since my last oil change 5k miles ago. I change the oil every 5k miles. It's not burning it as far as I know becuz I passed CT emmissions with no problems.

No leaks that I can see also.

Is this usage normal for this engine?

Thanks for your help.

Miss fire# 2

Where is the Thermostat located?

What is the resistance rating/number for the O2 sensors on a 98 Audi A6 Quattro

Audi A6 transmission output shaft seal leak needs replaced.

How do I go about getting the old axle out of my Audi? I have both ends loose but I can't seem to get enough room to wiggle the axle out. I have removed the shield from the transmission and took the bolt out of the bottom of the shock.

heater wont heat! air get cold but heat wont heat.

Where is the Auxiliary fan control switch located.

My heater is not working at all but the air is working great.

Lost my last key (I know - stupid!!) Any way to find key code - I'm told dealers don't keep them on car this old - 1995

When is the Neutral safety switch/multi-function switch located on a 2003 Audi A6 quattro. Thanks

water leaks onto front passenger floor during car washes

My problem si the water pipe just below the raditor hose , where welded for a leak and now it leak in a different place what the cost for a new pipe,Audi A6 V6 quattor 2.4 1999 model,
what to do?

Also bearing on both front side need to be changes , what mite be the cost for the bearings and wht type

my my front windows fail to go up at times . my signal ligats iluminate but dose not flash.

just replaced the plugs&plug wires&the ignition control module still not startin where is the relays located that control plug spark&may control any other starting issues?

When I run the A/C, water is collecting in the passenger floor and somewhat on the driver side. Also, when I slow to make a turn(especially a right hand turn), the a/c fan makes a squealing noise, and the vents are blowing a vapor.

My 2000 Audi A6 2.7 has a radiator electric fan in front of the radiator that works fine. Then their is the belt operated fan. Their also in the same area to the left of the drive belt fan their is a nother electric engine cooling fan, which does'nt seem to work. What would cause this fan not to work if it's not the cooling fans motor?

I just changed the thermostat, water pump and timing belt because I thought that was why it was overheating. Now the the car still overheats after driven for a long time. Now I have discovered that the engine cooling fan does'nt seem to come on. Could that now be the problem?

where is the part wt5129 located

I have a 1996 audi a6 quattro. My car guy plugs his scanner in (its the real scanner not the hand held). Once the car warms up it gets a false code (something different every time) Then it shuts down the scanner and we have to reboot it. Very weird never seen a cars computer do that to a scanner before. I was told by other car mechanics that its probily not the computer though. The car runs fine through this whole process and the check engine light stays on, cannot clear it. Can anyone help Thanks ED

My 1999 Audi A6 Quattro starts out from a stop ok I hit about 35 to 40 mph then the car steadily slows to about 10 mph I pull over sit for a min,take off and same thing happens again dose not matter if the car is cold or hot. I replaced the fuel filter did not help

after a heavy rain I noticed that the rear passenger floor carpet was saturated with water,all the windowes and the sunroof were closed.I vacumed up all the water, and could not detect how the water entered the car. After driving for a short period and then parking the car,and no more rain,Ichecked and the floor was saturated again. Any sugestions

After 144K miles had catalytic converters replaced on both sides (4 total) with OEM one piece pipe and cats. After the job was completed an exhaults leak apppeared. After the shop removed the left side pipes/cats and replaced they with another new set the leak was still there. After further investication they told me the left manifold was cracked between the first and second cylinded due to back pressure. It did not have a leak prior to this repair. Is this common? Any advice is appreciated.

when I fire up the engine, it starts just fine, but idles for only 10 seconds or so before it starts sputtering, sometimes it just shuts off.

As I understand regular universal coolant can damage Aud's engine which is made out of aluminum. Is there any specific kind or brand of coolant I should buy?
Thank you

Is it necessary to replace the head gaskets if i change the timing belt?

My mechanic is fixing my car, and he said it was necessary to change the head gaskets if he changed the timing belt!
is that true,or is he just trying to break me off!

to do all that, and replacing the water pump he is charging me 2,600 USD ...is it a reasonable deal?


I replaced the rear Disc brake pads and rotors on my sons 1998 Audi A6 Quattro. When completed the brakes were locked up and car would move stubbornly in reverse and not at all forward. Is there some kind of adjustment to the parking brake that I missed that is needed?

Brake Caliper are making a clicking noise but when I put on the brakes it stops.

My son went on vacation and left me his car. I thought I would be nice and fill it with gas and the fuel tank door won't open. I know that before when I filled it, I just pushed it open and now all of a sudden it won't open. Is there a emergency release somewhere else in the vehicle that will allow me to put gas in this tank?

My '99 A6 has been well taken care of for the last 99,000 miles by me! The 6,600 prior it was driven from Alaska to Washington State with a photo of a mail order bride in the ash tray.... men are lonely in Alaska! Anyhoo, the engine light came on recently and my friendly Audi dealer tells me it will cost $3,000 to clean the carbon deposits out of the secondary air intake system. One of the technicians suggested that I use a gas additive to try to clean out the system... the auto parts dealer suggested a Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner. I now possess a can of this spray but have no idea how to use it. Can any one describe where I should spray this stuff? It is my last resort before I have to try to pass emissions testing in October.... don't want to dump 3 grand into an 11 year old car. Any suggestions welcome!