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want to know where the timing marks are on 2.8 engine

ABS light on freekwently / only one time with the burning smell /could the rear brakes be lock?

Audi slips/shifts roughly when shifting into drive. Diagnostic codes are 18232 and 18227. Suggestions?

This has been going on for about 10k miles. Engine light has been on. The car will not restart easily until atleast 15 minutes.

The problem is that I lost my only key. took the door panels off looking for a key number - none, then took the whole lock to a locksmith and not much help there. any ideas?

would a 2005 audi a6 3.2 engine fit to a 2006 audi a6 3.2


I am in DESPERATE need of some help here. I have been given the run around by at least 10 mechanics (I do not exaggerate.)

I have had nearly every component (Including the engine) replaced in my 99 A6, with exception to the transmission. I took my car to get repaired at a local Audi specialist where they replaced my engine and many other components, adapted the throttle etc. I then took my car to my local Audi dealership where they diagnosed my car for the surging/jolting. Audi first told me it was due to my fuel pressure regulator and would cost $280 to fix, I agreed, they did the repair. I test drove the car right off the lot of Audi and bam! I did a complete stop on an uphill slope, gave the car some gas, the RPMs revved to 3, while the car is still (mind you I still have my foot on the gas) then BOOM the car jolted harshly forward. It is even worse now! It only happens in 1st gear, then as I get going to higher speeds, it is fine, drives perfectly fine. It is 10x worse when I am on an uphill slope at a dead stop then get going. It's almost as if I am throwing the car in neutral, gas real hard then throwing it back in drive. This is not only unsafe as it happens to me when people who like to ride my tail try to speed up and I cannot go anywhere for a few moments then suddenly fly forward, but it's also very aggravating.

Both catalytic converters have been replaced, reason I state this is because one of the 10 mechanics stated this was a probable cause. Audi is now telling me it is the transmission, but that was only glance of their eye, they apparently are not allowed to look inside of a transmission due to liability issues?

There is no check engine light/codes, car was recently fully serviced before a road trip. I recently took the car for a road trip to Las Vegas from Colorado. The funny part is, the car BARELY surged, and when it did, it was not as harsh while in Vegas. Now Colorado is alot higher in elevation than Vegas. Could this be due to lower altitude? 02 sensor issue? I am at a completely dead end here and I am tired of throwing money to mechanics to try and figure this out.

Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you!

Hi so I found a 1997 Audi A6 quattro at a dealer for $995. There are a few problems with the car it needs a battery, thermostat, water pump, and belt. How much should I be spending on parts and labor? Is the car really worth it?

my park and tail lights stop work when i pluged a trailer in to the car. i checked all fuses i could find and they where ok, where else do i look.

what is the repairment estimate for a burned valve?

where are the vacuumhoses located? must replace/leaking

First symptom was heater only putting out cool air, engine temperature normal. After 1 1/2 days heater was putting out hot air again but engine temp. gauge periodically going from normal to cold then back to normal with a short time period. This has been going on for an additional 4 days of normal driving. Service shop first recommended core flush then recommended thermostat replacement. Core and system flush $200. Thermostat replacement around $600 but it is prudent to replace water pump, timing belt and other belts at the same time resulting in $1000 + in cost. Wondering if a coolant system flush should be tried first. A bit concerned about spending over $1000 and not resolving the problem. Car has 20K miles to go before timing belt needs replacement.

Car won't start, it was turning over normally but just would not catch, after continuing to try to start it turns over very fast when cranking. Come to find out didn't have any oil so I put some in the car, still won't start. Someone looked at it and told me that the belt was broke. Should I take my chances and replace the belt or does it sound like my engines gone.

time for a new one.

my computer box is not sending back the signal to give fire to my plugs what can i do to get that fix

today, for the second time in a month, my audi started burning oil when I drove away. Last time it was on a cold morning, and when I got 3 miles from home, blue smoke poured from the tailpipe. All the oil in the engine was sucked out through the cylinders. I let the car cool and refilled the oil, and the car ran fine for a month until this morning when the same thing happened again. (after a cold start drive off) Any ideas???

What should it cost to rebuild the torque converter on this vehicle?

what should the timing be set for in this car?

How much might this cost (how many hours? I have a 2002 A6 2.7t and oil is leaking out the back of the engine. I was told I need cam adjuster seals / plugs replaced. Major work and a lot of labor involved. I had timing belt changed as car has 102k a little while back. Audi said they would not change these items when timing belt is changed.

Warning light w/dealer stating the CAT converter ($1400)replacement. Both brakes done & shop says both sensors bad($750)Help?

Looking for front end parts. Are there any other year wagon that has parts that would fit my year?(1997)(exterior mostly maybe radiator)

Started lastr night and today veacale will shake when idoling and get wores when driving. check engine light is flashing.

My check engine light is on and the dealer told me the catalytic conveters need to be long can I drive this way, it's so expensive.

Question: Performenance chip and major service
2000 Audi A6 Quattro, South Africa
Good day Readers.Thanks for all the expert advice.
I took my Audi A6 2.7T 2000 MODEL IN FOR A MAJOR SERIVE,I REQUESTED A PERFORMENANCE CHIP AND WAS TOLD IT IS FINE.After the car had been in for 4 weeks they told me they cannot put in a performenance chip as the car has 190.000 km and it will put a strain on the gearbox and they scared it might break the gearbox.I went to the workshop prior before they were finished and looked at the job card and it stated car does not select gears.Did they hurt my gearbox

Got P1113 code, changed bank 1 sensor 1 w/ OE non-wired Bosch sensor. Code cleared w/ code computer, but check engine light is still lit. No other codes popping. Checked oil and gas caps, both tight. Will the CEL clear on it's own after a set # of miles, or is there another method to clear it, like disconnecting the battery?

do i have to press in the bushing

The engine is making a knocking sound at cold start up... If I rev it for a few seconds it goes away and will come back intermittently once its warmed up... I have replaced just about every bolt on part within the past year (Unrelated) Timing belt, tensioners, water pump, turbos, intercoolers, hoses, clutch, flywheel, ac compressor, starter, alternator, PS pump... I'm thinking it may be a cam tensioner what do you think?

Ok so I know this has been rehashed on multiple forums but I haven't seen once where the 03 A6 Quattro was the auto under discussion. About two weeks ago I got an MIL, a couple of days later it went off, then came back on after I filled up. So I pulled the error code and it was the OBD P0941 Torque Converter Solenoid Stuck Off message. I had code cleared. I talked to Audi service shop and they said that the only issue with this code would be decreased fuel economy. There is no need for transmission fluid flush or new TC. So my question is are they right? And if so I wouldn't want to drive around with my MIL constantly on, so is there anyway for the code to clear? Please help!!!

Good day Readers.Thanks for all the expert advice.
I took my Audi A6 2.7T 2000 MODEL IN FOR A MAJOR SERIVE,I REQUESTED A PERFORMENANCE CHIP AND WAS TOLD IT IS FINE.After the car had been in for 4 weeks they told me they cannot put in a performenance chip as the car has 190.000 km and it will put a strain on the gearbox and they scared it might break the gearbox.I went to the workshop prior before they were finished and looked at the job card and it stated car does not select gears.Did they mess up my gearbox. Thanks Anton

I have a 1998 Audi A6 Quattro and have been having problems but can't figure it out! My car died out a few months ago and I assumed it was either the Alternator and/or battery since I have a sound system installed. *The sound system has been in for close to a year before this problem started. However, my battery is still new fairly new, just not sure if it has taken a beating from my sound system... A friend of mine told me that when I jump start my car I could test my alternator by taking off the positive and negative wires from the battery. If it dies out it is the battery, if it stays running it is not the battery. When I did that, the car stayed running so I assume it is not the alternator. Not too sure if that is 100% guaranteed though.

So I jump started the car and it started right up. I drove it around for a few hours. Came home, turned off the car, waited for about 6 hours. When I went to start the car last night (after sitting for 6 hours) it started right up again, my girlfriend drove it for about an hour or so with no problems. The next morning (today) we went to start the car and it started just fine. My girlfriend was driving to work and when she went to check the mail, she turned off the car. When she came back to start the car it didn't start! So she had her dad come down and jump start the car. It started with no problems, then they drove it to his house to park it. Waiting for a diagnosis...

Any input / suggestions would be helpful.

Battery? Alternator? Or a short in the electrical somewhere?