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when i start my car the icon "parking brake faliure" turn on...why..?
When I put my foot on the brake to put the car in drive or gear this light beeps and comes on and stays on. Is this a bulb, switch or wiring problem? How do I test for these conditionss? Thank You.
Just need to put the car back in timing?
how much cost too put transmission oli in empti transmission
Is there a difference between the audi 1997 a-6 quattro and the audi 1997 a-6 repair manual?
Okay, I've looked all over salem oregon...where I am residing and have not found a repair maual for 97 audi A-6 quattro. Can anybody advice back with where I could, maybe find one?? Thanks!!
The dealer says Audi recommends changing out certain parts at 150,000 miles. What are they and what are the costs involved?
P1423 reads bank 1, Secondary Air Injection(AIR) system throughput too low. check fuse for SAI pump. where is the fuse for the Secondary Air Injection pump
I have a 2000 Audi A6 2.7T with (code P1624-MIL request active(check TCM for error too) I check the transmission for code and it shows (P0741- torque converter clutch circuit performance or stuck off. I cleared the ...
Hello, My 2001 Audi A6 2.7T has the check engine light on. The codes were found to be P1131 and P1113 (resistance too high on banks 1 and 2 of sensor 1). What is roughly the cost for parts and labor for replacing t...
Hi. My 98 A6 Q Audi was running fine, until I had to replace the battery. so I did. it took me few try to start the car. and the RPM was low and the car has no power plus it hold and jorks at every gear. can you help...
i have a 2003 Audi A6 can i add turbo to this car ? meaning i would like my car to push more than 220 horsepower is this possible ?
My key broke in half in the glove box last week, and the new keys cut by Audi and a locksmith (using the key code) won't work. Any ideas why? Any suggestions? Thanks!
Turn signals stop working
Engine light came on while I was driving on the freeway after having the oil changed. I took it to auto zone and they did a diagnostic test that showed a vacuum leak. Is there something I can do myself without takin...
My Audi is making a high pitched sound and it sounds like it is coming from the secondary air pump or the power steering bearing. It runs fine and sometimes when i start it up it doesn't make the sound. It goes away ...
I just took my car into a service repair shop and they said I didn't need to replace the timing belt, because there isn't a timing belt. He said it was a chain so no need to maintain. Is this correct?
Can someone please tell me the location of Emergency Flasher Relay and Location of the Turn Signal Relay for Audi A6 1996 Quattro? Thank you.
where is the turn signal flasher
auto zone does not have the free manual your ad suggests, therefore, are there wirewall mounts inside the car i can't see preventing the removal of the heater core cover?all visible connections and components are undo...
why is the heater core assy not coming off? are there bolts inside the car holding the unit on? i want to replace the heater core only
fresh water is coming from behind glove box and leaking onto pass side floor, not just a few drops, but guarts. i also hear water sloshing from behind dashboard. Is there a vent that be clogged and if so where is it?
i've examined as close as possibel all of the hoses..could it be the water pump..and how would i know if the water pump is the problem..since i can't find any thing wrong with the hoses
1 year ago I had an oil leak ("from the top of the engine"). They changed the manifold gasket and it was ok. Recently, after an oil change, my engine is again leaking oil (with a bad smell). What other gaskets may nee...
it was testing by a technican , but i want to know where is the fuel pump located
I failed emmissions. Diagnostic report says" Catalyst system efficiency below threshold bank. Last year one of the oxygen sensors was removed when my engine light came on. Is the engine light now due to the catalytic...
when i check the dipstick the oil has a very dark color, the engine check light come on and, and the low oil pressure signal comes on.Could my engine have a major technical problem? thank you
Why does the oil light come on after I top up the oil?
My car wont start when I turn the key. My lights come on and everything. I recently (a few months ago)got a new alternator and battery. I tried to jump it but that wouldnt work. It doesnt make any sounds clicking or a...