How do I reset the "service!" reminder when it has been serviced? Also, how do I change readings from celcius to farenheit?

I have a 1995 Audi A6 Quatro.It was running fine and one day just quit on me. I have replaced the timing belt, tensioners, crank and cam shaft sensors, ignition module, driver's side head and the mechanic is still telling me that he's trying to figure out why power is going to the PCM but nothing is coming out. I have shelled out all this money for problems that hasn't seemed to be the problem. Please help in North Augusta

The radiator fans run all of the time at full speed even for a short while after the ignition is turned off. Is there some thermostat some where that needs replace?

Is there anywhere on this site that I can go to view a complete diagram of the Audi A6 Quattro 2.8L exhaust system?

The supporting structure for my exhaust system eroded causing the middle of the system to drop almost to the ground and caused cracks in various places. Is there any way to repair this without replacing the complete exhaust system? Can only the faulty parts be replaced? Can the support structure be repaired?
Thanks ray-audi

How do you remove door panel without damaging them?

fuse blow out when i put it in


codes 17522 and 17526 have poped up but car seems to be running fine cyl 2and 6 are saying fule inj.sys.short to B+ wats wrong

shifts like a sledge hammer. is there an electronic part for this problem...?

My car used to rattle a lot especially on a cold winter day. The rattling sound which dissipates when the car warms up, was caused by a faulty catalytic converter (I was told my mechanic). Now that I moved to SoCal, the car rarely rattles. Do I still need to replace the converters especially if it passes the smog test?

Any suggestions. Sounds like its coming from the engine or the overhead cam.

couple weeks ago, my car start giving me some knid of problems like:

I can't get to gear "2" and the shifter wasn't smooth.
The reverse lights stay on even if the car is on "D" driving.
I can change gear even I do not ahve my foot on the Break. The shoe icon by the shifter is not iluminated more.
In "D" position my car sounds like I am driving in "2" position , if I take off my foot from the Accelerator the car will almost stop as if I am pushing the break pedal.

Please help me I believe is something from the Shifter, but can damage my transmision.

Thanks guy!!

happens as soon as car warms up . most pronounced when turning steering wheel to the right. Stops when you turn off automatic heating/cooling and reduce fan speed manually.

told I needed an exhaust sleeve to repair the exhaust pipe connected to engine. The clamp
was rusted and hanging. I looked up this part in Audi parts and could not find one. They mentioned that the exhaust system had some welding done to exhaust system at one time and a sleeve was put on the pipe verses a clamp.

Does this sound correct to you.

we changed the key igniton cylender and now when we start the car the gears are stuck and it does'nt move

when i first start the car it turn on for a couple min. then it die. and when i try to start it again it wont start

turn key to on position and the blower motor works.but when you start the car the blower motor will not work

Hi! I have been told by a local machanic that I may need to have the carbon removed from my engine. How can I verify this and is there some where I can read about it online? Also what are is the procedure for this problem? Is there an estimate of the amount of time it would take as well? My check engine light is on and when a put on the tester they found a vacuum error. They thought this may be a leak... Where would be a good place to start looking for the leak? Thanks Kate
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My car turns on, drives, parks, etc. The problem I'm having is the key doesn't come out when we shut it off. I have tried turning the wheel back and forth, turning the car on and off, pulling the key and even called road services to see if they would know what to do.

about 3 times now in past 2 months my tailight warning light illuminates and the drivers side taillight stops working and the same tailight turn signal stop working. after sitting overnight, the light and signal work with no problem.

all of my lights are pulsating. i have replaced the alternator and battery. but i have a check engine light that as yet is unexplained. could this be the problem??

i have no manual and do not know what this display means..(O)

There is no sign of overheating0-gauges looks fine

my check engine light came on and I was told by a service machinic that it has to do with the cat not warmming up what do I need to do next.

First my keyless remote stopped working and I figured it was the battery and I wasn't in a hurry to replace it. But just the other night the actual key wouldn't open the door. What can it be?

want to know where the timing marks are on 2.8 engine

ABS light on freekwently / only one time with the burning smell /could the rear brakes be lock?

Audi slips/shifts roughly when shifting into drive. Diagnostic codes are 18232 and 18227. Suggestions?

This has been going on for about 10k miles. Engine light has been on. The car will not restart easily until atleast 15 minutes.

The problem is that I lost my only key. took the door panels off looking for a key number - none, then took the whole lock to a locksmith and not much help there. any ideas?