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Hubby says I need to find liquid gasket and oil plug to complete repair - any ideas where to find online? APW has the tray but not the gasket or oil plug.

I have a set of Audi R8 headlights that I would like to put on my A6. They are just barely too small leaving a slight gap between the bumper and turn signal. I don't want them to bounce around as I am driving therefore would like to know what the best material is that I should use to mount them so that they fit snug?

Thank you for your help!

Especially in cold weather.

This started about month ago. The fluid is a the appropriate level.

just bought a 2005 audi a6 quattro w/ 64,000 miles. about to move to hawaii and not to sure about what to do considering the upkeep is so expensive for this vehicle

i had autzone reset the codes and it hasnt happened anymore

after i noticed the problem my driver side auto window feature has stopped working as well as i had to be jumped once it happened.

I've checked the fuse, etc. It's just really soft and I can barely hear it when I press the horn button.

after driving for a half an hour the lights stated get dim to the point you cant read them..all other lights are still bright any ideas?

The newest audi's, onto my 1999 audi?

i cant get the plastic ring out

It don't happen at any specific times seems to b worse when under a quarter tank of gas I replaced the spark plugs. When I press the pedal to the floor it only gets to 4000 rpm and no faster than 40 mph it still stutters then after a few seconds to a minute the rpm go way up and its fine sometimes ir will do it again rite away and some times its good for a while and the engine light comes on sometimes and goes back off

Where is the Engine Control Unit (ECU) located in a 1999 Audi A6 Quattro?

My output shaft is leaking. Rear differential output shaft BOTH left and right leaking. Reseal of Vanos Valve??

I've been told my output shaft seal is leaking, also rear differential output shaft left and right are leaking & the Vanos valve both left & right are leaking. I'm told the Vanos valves are located below the valve cover gaskets & require removal of the valve covers for resealing. I've spent $1400 for water pump and was wondering if this should've been brought to my attention at that time?

My Headlights, AC, Heat, Blinkers & Wipers ALL went out at the same time. My brights, hazards, break lights & radio still work. Fuses appear to be okay, and I replaced the relay located in steering column but no avail. My local Audi dealer couldn't give me a definite answer either.

Also, at the same time my dash display for PRND234 began lighting up in "safe fail mode" causing the car not to shift. If I put my foot to the floor on the gas pedal it just gradually gains speed but never shifts. Sometimes if I turn the car off and back on then it will go back to normal and the dash display is not lit up however while I'm driving, at any point it will kick into the safe fail mode, jerk harshly, then the gear display will light up solid. Could these all be linked to some sort of electrical issue?

Thanks for your help.

seat won't go back.

Brother in law offered me car at what seems a great price...but I worry about cost to repair/replace Transmission

The horn makes a beep beep beep noise in hot weather without me turning on the car. It turn on and off and at times the door will lock and unlock automatic. What could it be?

Don't care about unlocking it, I want a radio I can plug my iPod into.

My car is Audi Quattro Avant A6 ( 4A ), 2.0L Motor, Bensin,5 Manual Gear.
Best regards

windshield wipers front&rear stop working at the same time. The emergency lights work.

oil lesk on passenger side

all power window went down on day and at the end of the day first no windows would go up and then the back went up but now the front will not roll up and they all are power windows. plus the back will not work up or down. in checking the fuse it was tested as good. can you help me I need my windows up before it rains again. thank you.

Is 35/hr a bad fee and does anyone know any side mechanics that work on Audi

There is a seal that needs to be replaced in the turbo. Causes the exhaust to smoke when idling. Need an estimate on how much that would cost to fix. Can anyone help???

Am about to start on a major project (replacing turbos, timing belt, figure out torque converter problem) on my 2003 A6 2.7tt Quattro. Has been sitting idle for almost a year and battery was dead. Just installed new battery and got the car to run, but can't get it to shift out of park. When depressing the brake pedal, the brake depress light will not go out on shifter panel. Also cannot get my OBD to link with engine. When the key is on, not running, the door lights will turn on, then start blinking. I am wondering if I have an alarm issue due to the battery being dead for so long.

My car used to be so quiet when I turned on the engine. So quiet that sometimes I would switch it on again forgetting it was already on. That was a 100k miles ago. Now it's not as quiet and I definitely can tell the engine is on with a little vibration, with 170k miles on it, that is expected and acceptable, don't you think? I had an earlier post about the coolant reservoir replacement, now that that's resolved, my new mechanic tells me the engine (L & R) and the transmission mounts (both) need to be replaced because they're getting old and loose hence the vibration. There were certain services on my car that my old mechanic suggested to ignore, unnecessary repairs on an old car is truly a waste of $$. For as long as it did not affect the car performance/engine, leave it alone. (1) I want to know if replacing the part in question is one I can ignore, after all, the little vibration I feel on the car is not really bothering me? (2) How much does it normally cost for this kind of service if I took my car to an Audi Specialist? (3) Can you please recommend a trust worthy one within 15-30 miles from 92336 area code SoCal? Thanks in advance.

Diagnostic error code P-0492. faulty air solenoid valve and air system relay

Vehicle hesitates before slowly accelerating after stop. Will sometime "jerk" before picking up speed after stop. Problem is worse when going up hill. How much would it cost to repair?

just had the water pump sensors replace and timing bebt replace