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My audi is burning oil very fast and it smells like burnt oil in the cab when i drive. To the best of my knowledge and research this sounds like a leaky valve cover gasket. I am burning at least 2 quarts of oil a mont...
My speedometer is not working and the ABS/TRAC lights are on. These three things are all connected; occassionally they all work, but only for about 10 minutes. The check engine light is also on. Audi replaced speed...
When trying to open the hood, the release under the dash works but the release lever in the grill does not allow me to lift the hood. I believe this is just a mechanical lever. Anyone have a trick on getting the rele...
My moon roof won't close, the motor still makes the sound but , no action when i turn the button to close open or tilt on the moon roof. It's been two days. Where should i take it? What is a good estimate to fix it?
Cant find the transmission oil dipstick to check the oil, why would it be so hard to find? where is it? and how do I add tranny oil?
I have been told by three repair places that my heater core needs replacing, I can't understand why it is so horribly expensive to replace such an inexpensive part. Are there any alternative to make my defroster wor...
Love my audi except for the electrical gremlins!! My cruise control only works when its hot???do I need a new computer control??
cant find where to install speed sensor for speedometer---not registering mph
I noticed that after I had the oil changed in my Audi that it has a smokey smell. I have also noticed that whenever I brake at red lights I can see puffs of smoke coming out from under the hood(it seems to be on the r...
I can not get the hood of the car to open. The lever inside pops the hood but the front latch doesn't seem to be releasing. I would hate to pull too hard and break it. Any suggestions?
how can I get stripped plastic slave cylinder bleed screw lose to take out of slave cylinder so I can replace it without destroying slave cylinder itself and bleed my slave cylinder so clutch will engage
when the check eng light is on what do you do
I bought this 2005 A4 new and it now has 32,700 miles. The dealer recommend a timing belt replacement but is it necessary with so low miles? What should a job like this cost?
abs light comes on and brake light keeps flashing
All flaps and vents cycle normally. When set on low the fan kicks up to high speed but still blows hot. The clutch on the compresser engages and the pressure is in normal range.
1998 Audi A4 2.8 looking for an estimate on cost to have timing belt,water pump, front engine seals, drive belt, idlers, and tensioners replaced.
when i took my 2002 audi a4 in to have a hose replaced my remote no longer worked to unlock the doors and the truck remote didn't work either and my window switches don't work. the dealership states that they didn't ...
when to change engine coolant
i changed the MAF sensor on my 1999 audi a4 but my car keeps ideling and stays between 1000-2000 rpm what do i do what can it be?
What is the proper oil i should us in my audi,it was always serviced and i want to bring it to a local repair shop Thank You Tom
the speedometer shoots form 0 mph to the speed that I'm currently going. it does this none stop. sometimes it just stays at 0 mph. my gas gauge does the same thing. what can cause this?
im not sure what to take apart to get to top of rear struts
I have Actron code reader that pulled up code P0706 from computer
My flashers work just fine but my turnsignals do nothing is it the turn signal swich or what? If so what will the part cost? Approx. How much labor ? Charges$$
My 1996 Audi A4 1.8 always starts when cold, without pressing the gas pedal. But when the engine has been run the engine turns over but it then struggles to fire up. Once the engine is running the idle speed is uneve...
Hello, I have a noise coming from the top, right side of the engine (as you are facing it). the electric fan works fine, the other fan can be easily stopped by hand. Timing belt was done and it's not rubbing. Sprocket...
The glass is separating from the canvas on my 2006 Audi A4 convertible. Is there a proven method out there that will remede this problem for me withour me having to replace the entire top? Liquid nails? Gorilla Glue? ...
steering pump of my car it is noisey espicaly when turn to r/dir or l/dir at the begining