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Need to know how to install speed meter sensor
prop shaft seal and cam adjuster seals are leaking. can i have this repair done properly somewhere other than the audi dealership? thanks.
Check Engine light came on and the car shakes and stutters when started but then drives fine. My husband just accidently put regular gas in it so i dont know if thats the problem.. Also, it just had an oil change ab...
Clicking drive shaft on 1999 audi a4 quattro
i got my car diagnostic and the code is p0021
The check engine light just came on in my car and I took it in to my mechanic to have it checked. He said I need to replace the catalytic converters on both the driver's and passenger's sides. He said I could be looki...
When i fill the gas tank the car is hard to start. You have give it gas and crank it 5 to 10 seconds to get it started. Then it runs rough for a few seconds and then is fine until you fill it again.
I purchased the vehicle new and have never been able to get over 10,000 miles out of a set. The tires end up cupping. I rotate the tires every 5,000 and have had the alinment done and it has been found to be with in t...
where is located
unfortunately no one has answered my question and i really like to know where is the low presure port to charge the freon in my 1996 a4 quattro 2.8 please if any of you can help please i will apreciate
i am looking for the low pressure port on my audi a4 quattro i got an answer yesterday but it just leaves me at the same point i just need to know the area i need to look if it is in side the hood or under the dash ...
i can only find the high pressure port if any one can help with this i will appreciate it
I am replacing my clutch for my Audi with 130K miles on it. The mechanic says I probably need to replace the flywheel too. Is this common and why?
Ever since I have moved to Lousiana my alarm has been going nuts, I have literally laid in bed with the fob in my hand repeatedly turning the alarm off, is this common in a high humidity area? also tonight after heavy...
No problems. 8do 199370aq NA d8do 199382an. advised replacement.
was driving on the highway using the cruise control and it just shut off. has not worked since then
I'm just trying to find the low presure side of A/c I love this car but it is a puzzle? I need a little help to find the low presure valve??
i need some help on replacing the relay for my electronic windows, please. every window except the drivers window will go up and down
How do I go about disabling the quattro drive to do tests on a dyno
I have a 98 a4 1.8t and I had a problem with it starting. It will turn over but doesn't start, I just let it turn over for a while and it ended up starting. It has done this before but it was over a year ago. When it ...
the engine is missing both at idle and when accelerating
my front left brake pulsates while at low speeds. i replaced the abs speed sensor and it still does it. when i took out the first one out the pulsating had stopped until i put in the new one then it did it again. i ha...
This is a recurring but intermittent problem the dealership claims is related to the age of the lamps and ballasts and that the entire front end has to be removed to repair it; the fault can be cleared by cycling the ...
im getting the fault code p0501. i tried replacing the speed sensor on the drivers side transaxle. now i dont' know what else to check. also my speedo isn't working whether the engine is cold, warm, or hot. any info w...
Head gasket symptoms??
How do I open the gas tank cover? I just took over this car and I wasn't told how to open it.
Replaced coils, and plugs. What else could it be?( the problem)
what mileage does audi recommend for changing the timing belt
Car was in storage 6 wks., ran fine at first then 2 days later had trouble starting and ac wouldn't come on, had to push to get started.