Recently purchased, tried to check fluid, not finding dipstick. Is there another way that it is checked? Vehicle starts in AM fine, Coolant light comes on and doesn't shut off until engine is driven a few miles.

Recently purchased, tried to check fluid, not finding dipstick. Is there another way that it is checked? Vehicle starts in AM fine, Coolant light comes on and doesn't shut off until engine is driven a few miles.

The radio works perfectly on all stations but one. Is this a frequent problem with Bose radios in Audi's?

can someone tell wich one it is thank you

automatic tranny problem with gears,1,2 ok but don't change on 3rd gear, go to neutal,the scan give me code # P0652
GEAR MONITORIN IMPLAUSIBLE SIGNAL,before this happen, i change the transmission fluid and new neutral safety switch

The cable rasises and lowers the window, and I need to replace it but can't find it cause I don't know the correct name for it. The motor is good, but the cable is all chewed up and kinked.

Will flush or service of trans solve problem?

i just had the rack and pinon in a 97 audi a4 quattro replaced. exactly a week later, after working absolutely fine, at the time of parking i had trouble turning the steering wheel. next morning, it was almost imposible to turn the steering wheel. no fluid on the ground, no weird noises. the fluid in the resorvoir does not seem to be moving. would it be the power steering pump?

Eventually stalling or revving erratically . I have changed the spark plugs , the air filter and now ready to change the petrol filter, all coils are new except 1 but it is working fine. There are no warning lights or any codes popping up on my odb reader , cheers guys for your knowledge......

tensioner runs good no missing but dies. was run 2 years with check engine light and bad cam tensioner.

Brakes were checked a few months ago, and several mechanics said they were ok. I DID drive out to the desert for a weekend, so could it be excess dirt?

i need to find where the fuel pressure regulator is located

My car has been hesitating when I hit the excelerater from a stop. The check engine light just came on so I had the diagnostics run. There were 9 problems, but mainly that all four cyl's had a vacuum leak on the engine. What is the fix to this and how much can I expect to spend? The trouble shooting codes were P0300, P0301, P0302, P0303, P0304, P0171 and P0507.

i was driving yesterday when my engine overheat smells like clutch burning then i was shifting gear clutch doest work, i started the car shifted to first gear without stepping on the clutch & engine did not died, what are the problems?

Last week I stated my car and after taking off, I noticed my speedometer was not working. It's at a complete stand still. After continuing to drive I saw that my odometer was not working as well. I tried to set my Trip and that did not work either along with gas gauge. My car is a 1999 Audi A4 Quatro with a 1.8 T and 130k... When i bought the car the oil pressure gauge was the only thing that did not work... Now all at once the Speedometer, Odometer, Trip, and fuel gauge stopped simultaneously...Any ideas?? This car has been nothing but problems for me but it'd be impossible to get the money i put into it back out...Most recently, my catalytic converter went out 4 days later...Someone please help, any ideas would be appropriated!

The shudder/vibration doesn't seem to occur when making a hard right turn, and a wide u-turn seems okay, as well. The groaning noise was metallic in nature. Otherwise, the car drives straight & doesn't pull to left our right while street or freeway driving, nor during braking. Driver's side axle was recently replaced due to torn CV boot.

I was told by someone that I have a timing belt but then I was also told to look into if I have a timing chain. Can anyone help me out on what my car should have? I have 110,000 miles and dont want to take any chances since I was told the belt will go with no warning.

function switch improper signal will this cause no reverse ?

center display does not work all other warning ligghts are ok. sometimes i can see the display real dim no codes

Recomended, required to maintian extended warrenty

What does code P0030 mean when the engine light is on?

Can only open the trunk with the key.

I had 13 trouble codes, fixed the temp sensor and it took care of 11 of them but car is still misfiring and hesitating. The other codes are transmision range circuit and communication code. What are those and would it cause misfiring? My car always was slow accelerating but then my battery went dead and when i jumped it it started to misfire. Also my reverse lights stay on all the time.


Gas cap light wwont turn off, replaced the gas cap already. How do i fix this?

What cause the check oil light& buzzer to come on and the level is ok.

My ABS lights and the Brake lights are on. I bleed the brake line and they are still on. Does this have anything to do with the ABS motor? Does anyone have any information about this.

it will not grab any gear i put it in knob move into gear but no transmission movement at all


What can cause my check engine light to come on?