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How much does it cost to update airbags?

the first thing to go with my left low beam the HID I replaced it but it will does not work now the driving lights on the right side of the car won't come on I change the bulbs my turn signals work but the driving light itself will not come on either in the front or in the back

I would like to read other owners problems with there 2002 Audis, please........

The engine loses about 1/2 power for about 10 to 20 seconds then picks up again. This happens at irregular times, sometimes I can drive 100 to 150 klm before it happens sometimes 30 klm. I was told it was a faulty injector and had this replaced but I am still getting the problem.

far can I drive? n

Automatic transmission will not go in reverse. 153356 miles all other gears work fine. Audi 2001 A4 Quatro. Readout on dash reports "OK" when activated.

Sometimes when I lock with fob it locks but no beep sounds. Then when I unlock the passenger door won't unlock. Or all will unlock but driver side. It's very random. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. What is the problem and can I fix it myself? Seems like an electrical issue or fuse ...... Please help

Car has 86,000 miles, unsure if tranny has ever been flushed or filled. Planning to flush, but had to order drain/fill plug tools from the outside world (Hawaii headaches).Periodically won't go into gear when in reverse, just revs, usually on cold starts in the morning. Recently gear selection box on the LCD started flashing when I put it in drive after it didn't want to engage in R. I noticed this at highway speed and put it into neutral, then back to drive. It wouldn't engage until I pulled over, put in park, then back to drive. Check engine light illuminated today. Question - Might dirty/low CVT tranny fluid cause this light to come on, or is it only associated with engine problems?

Limited heat, must set Control Head setting to 85F, HI or defrost to get limited heat output; New water pump last year, new reservoir as well, AC control head rebuilt and perfect; fan controls working properly; attempted to bleed system, still air bound and no fluid flow

Need brake pads replaced.

Ones which one does this car take?

Acts like not getting fuel. checked fuel filter nothing wrong. what could be causing this? Thank you.

Problem occurred suddenly. Reception was very good previously.
Reception now is snow sound with very faint reception in the background. Hope its just a disconnected arial wire. Thanks for any suggestions

Throwing codes. P0442, p2293 and p0455. RPM fluctuate at 2000. And car kinda surges after 45 50 miles an hour it doesn't anymore.

I smell burning oil after driving my car. Smoke comes from under the hood. Standing in front of the motor, I can see smoke coming from behind the left side of the motor.

Driving the a4 audi while there is a leak from the driver side

haven't been able to complete the dealers compression test due to travel but I understand problem is common

I never had my clutch go out on meat 28,xxx miles. I always had them last until 60,000 miles. From what I read the clutch is a major problem. The dealership is refusing to allow the warranty to cover it. So I have to paid over $4,000 usd to get it fixed. Is there anyone doing a class lawsuit over this or have done one?

With the cold season starting if i start my car and run it until it gets to regular operating temperature and then turn on the heat on I get a burst of heat for about 30 seconds then it gets cold, wondering if it might be a heater core of a sensor...

The OBD says TPS problem. Does the throttle body need to be cleaned or TPS replaced?