Need brake pads replaced.

Ones which one does this car take?

Acts like not getting fuel. checked fuel filter nothing wrong. what could be causing this? Thank you.

Problem occurred suddenly. Reception was very good previously.
Reception now is snow sound with very faint reception in the background. Hope its just a disconnected arial wire. Thanks for any suggestions

Throwing codes. P0442, p2293 and p0455. RPM fluctuate at 2000. And car kinda surges after 45 50 miles an hour it doesn't anymore.

I smell burning oil after driving my car. Smoke comes from under the hood. Standing in front of the motor, I can see smoke coming from behind the left side of the motor.

Driving the a4 audi while there is a leak from the driver side

haven't been able to complete the dealers compression test due to travel but I understand problem is common

I never had my clutch go out on meat 28,xxx miles. I always had them last until 60,000 miles. From what I read the clutch is a major problem. The dealership is refusing to allow the warranty to cover it. So I have to paid over $4,000 usd to get it fixed. Is there anyone doing a class lawsuit over this or have done one?

With the cold season starting if i start my car and run it until it gets to regular operating temperature and then turn on the heat on I get a burst of heat for about 30 seconds then it gets cold, wondering if it might be a heater core of a sensor...

The OBD says TPS problem. Does the throttle body need to be cleaned or TPS replaced?

I replaced the abs module and the abs light went away but its still flashing the brake light constantly, the brake fluid is full......

My valve cover is wet/damp around the edge. But my head doesn't have any wet spots on it.

Only causes the battery light to go out...battery is good

rough starting, temperature gauge goes to half way and stays. today it took a lot of cranking to start

The blower works with direct voltage, the control panal display is intermitant. and now my head lites dont work but with direct voltage they do.

drove in rain, they worked fine but stopped in the up position when I shut them. How do I reset them?

the car took a shotgun blast through the front of the car

The turn signals (left and right) are not working. It's not flashing/blinking or making the usual sound. However, the emergency flasher (with the red triangle button) is working fine (both lights are flashing).