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There's plenty of fluid in it. When it's warm outside there's no problem.
I'm throwing a 0118 code which is the high circuit. I replaced the sensor on the rear of the head and lower radiator. Started it up, same issues of constant fans, will not operate over 150*, reads cold on the factory ...
I don't know the part #s. I tried E-bay & the parts weren't wide or long enough.
filled fuel tank drove 2 miles mil light came on got a code 2402,need to locate were the evap pump is
wouldnt work , i unhooked the battery and ran fans in the car for the day, everything comes on now , but car won't start , the key wont lock or unlock the car, could it of lost its code? or is their a fuse thats blo...
the one in center of display screen that shows ok etc
My car is in the shop for a coolant issue, the coolant light came on and it started beeping so I pulled over and it looked like it was smoking. I had it towed to the Audi dealership and they told me I needed a new the...
when vehicle has beeen at rest for more than three hours
it syas i have a purge flow fault and my vehicle is sputtering?
I am replacing brake pads and rotors. Thought the pads came with the sensor(s) and need to know if I should order one sensor or two.
The rain comes in at the bottom right side where the plastic panel meets the carpet, about 3 inches up from the floor board. There was mention of a drain plug being clogged under the battery. Does anyone have more inf...
A triangle with a (almost) full circle inside keeps appearing on my dash. What is it?
could be Mass Air Flow Sensor or need to have purge valve replaced
I put in the water pump and thermal stay. Wut else?
I put a new water pump, thermal stay, wut else can it be?
Making noise is since a dealer did tire rotation a few days ago. Did tire rotation effect to damage wheel dearing ? Now it will cost over $800.
check engine occur just today so i want to know what happen so i attanch my diagnostic apparatus it happen the number show p2008 & 2015
Camshaft pos sensor bank1 open circut short to B
the light is on but not flashing
Car passed emmision test last week...Would like to determine the root cause before repairing...don't want to just replace the cats and the o2 sensors...Where can i get an accurate diagnosis?
have replaced cluster checked fuses im lost
recent codes: 0117 coolant circuit low imput 0688
recent codes have been: 0633 0117 i think, it was coolant circuit low input
recent codes have been: 0633 0117 i think, it was coolant circuit low input zip code 14850
Had this same problem last year. I replaced the switch with audi parts. Recently I have the same problem. High beams work, turn signals work, everything works except the head lights. Checked fuses and everything look ...