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everytime i step on it it will go on safe mode. check engine light is on they told me i need to buy something that opens up the engine for more power. could that b da problem
It's starting to slip. Almost like it's disengaging.
the head lights and turn signals are not working I check all the fuses they seem fine
Today I was driving and my coolant temp started over heating. I immediately drove home. I discovered a tear in a radiator hose. I replaced the hose and flushed the coolant. Once I started driving again after 5 min...
replaced fuel filter air filter spark plugs and combi valve on rear of engine.engine runs smoothly and cranks on first try
the wipers and turn signals wont work just wondering if it could be the relays
it a 2003 Audi A4 1.8t inline 4. for some reason only occasionally will i hear the engine knock only when i shut off it never does it while i drive or turn it on. just when i turn the ignition off. if anybody knows pl...
whatever noise is it is not a mot fail as it has just been done no loose parts found.
Engine replaced due to oil pan break. Crank and cam sensors good timing set with audi tools etc no vacuum leaks present and multiple minds have been working on this for ever!! Help
insterment panel stay s lite up on transmition display shift
On the 22nd I was driving my car and everything was working fine. Next day on the 23rd on my way to work my car started over heating and my heater wasn't working, it was throwing out cold air. The same day on the way ...
car dash & owners manual say my car is a quattro but twice i have gotten stuck in the snow & only 1 front wheel spins.... What gives I thought all wheel drive meant power to all wheels
I noticed this summer that my air conditioner didn't seem to work. Never really got cold. Now, that it's winter, I only get heat on lowest fan setting blowing on windshield and from left vent. Cold air blows at higher...
The side mirrors on my side mirrors on the doors will darken.
I also want to know how to replace it?
There is where the mileage reads, it says service then oil. It goes on when I start the car ,then goes off after it runs for about a minute. Checked oil , everything is fine.
There's plenty of fluid in it. When it's warm outside there's no problem.
I'm throwing a 0118 code which is the high circuit. I replaced the sensor on the rear of the head and lower radiator. Started it up, same issues of constant fans, will not operate over 150*, reads cold on the factory ...
I don't know the part #s. I tried E-bay & the parts weren't wide or long enough.
filled fuel tank drove 2 miles mil light came on got a code 2402,need to locate were the evap pump is
wouldnt work , i unhooked the battery and ran fans in the car for the day, everything comes on now , but car won't start , the key wont lock or unlock the car, could it of lost its code? or is their a fuse thats blo...
the one in center of display screen that shows ok etc
My car is in the shop for a coolant issue, the coolant light came on and it started beeping so I pulled over and it looked like it was smoking. I had it towed to the Audi dealership and they told me I needed a new the...
when vehicle has beeen at rest for more than three hours