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Only causes the battery light to go out...battery is good
rough starting, temperature gauge goes to half way and stays. today it took a lot of cranking to start
The blower works with direct voltage, the control panal display is intermitant. and now my head lites dont work but with direct voltage they do.
drove in rain, they worked fine but stopped in the up position when I shut them. How do I reset them?
the car took a shotgun blast through the front of the car
The turn signals (left and right) are not working. It's not flashing/blinking or making the usual sound. However, the emergency flasher (with the red triangle button) is working fine (both lights are flashing).
Began suddenly after getting on highway. Then continued on the drive home with acceleration. I've read it could be the speed sensor. If so how much might this cost to fix?
the location of it is underneath the coolant and i accidentally broke the connector when i was trying to replace it
One of the hoses got detached from the coolant reservoir( I think it got detached because of built up pressure). I attached it back with the clamp and screw it had, but now the engine is making a rattling sound. I was...
2004 audi a4 6 speed awd quattro replacing cylender and master slave cenlender ??? what to do ? cost? trouble shooting???
I was driving went to open her up and my clutch jus stuck to the floor had to get it towed home wouldnt go into any gear.. Now its in yard it turns on but clutch stays on floor no tention at all stays on floor unless ...
After the engine warms up the squeak stops. I have changed the serpentine belt, tensioner and idler pulleys and still notice it. I spoke with an owner of a 2008 A4 Quattro and he has the same problem. Is the a know...
My EPC light goes off and on. Getting progressively worse, goes into limp mode, hard to start and runs rough until the engine warms up. any ideas?
cars been wreaked in front end any common problems regarding p1338?
I now try to get the car inspected in NY Staet and it wont communitate with the inspection computer. I think the ECU (engine control unit) computer must have quit or partly shorted. Is his and expensive repair? Can...
At what mileage should a timing belt service be completed on an Audi 4 quatro
This would include clean throttle body, intake manifold , valves lines and additive to fuel. What should it cost
Had the A 4 for about a week, the lights went out. Took it in to Carmax (where we bought the car). They replaced the bulbs and 2 weeks later the lights went out again. Took it to Carmax, they sent the car to a Audi de...
my 97 audi a4 quattro does not accelerate with the gas pedal floor or half way .You floor it and wait for the car to gain speed trouble code p1136,p1476 band p0441 with 242652 miles it burn oil
my car is a audi a4 quattro 1996 do i need electronic sensor breaks or regular?
I had a timing belt service where the mechanic broke the plugs taking them out (common) and replaced them holed but sealed and retained by resin. I only found out 14k miles later at different garage doing gaskets, fou...
just curious if my 1999 a4 is HID bulb compatabile or hallogen only.thanks in advance for any help given.
we just had 4 new tires put on and had the shop go ahead and do a 4 wheel alignment to prevent premature wear on a brand new set of tires!!unfortately they found that the uppr control arms were loose,to the point they...
im almost certian the central lock pump is trashed(through research on this site)so i need any information on if and how i can open the trunk lid to access the part to know for sure,i cant find any button in the dash ...
the central locking pump prevents the trunk from opening so how can i access this part for replacement
did some research found there is a graphite disk located somwhere in the trunk area how can i repair/replace it