and windows going up and down on its own

my code reader says "circuit no activity selected (bank 1, sensor 1) Can u explain please

There is no power getting to the coils

We have tried to replace the comfort module but it did not help. When I put the wiper fuse in they start and won't stop.

I can't figure out the size of my front brakes an rotors.. Any help??

It would lose power only now and then and specially I when I step a bit more on the gas. And the engine light comes on and flashes for 4-5 times and goes away. What does this mean and am I able to fix it myself?

I have checked for leak and there seems to be no leak.. Now it's showing that the car needs to be serviced . Do you think anything is wrong with the gauge?

I need a torque converter for my 98 a4 with a 1.8t and I found one that was labeled for 2.8, is the torque converter the same spec for both?

Never used the back wiper on Avant Wagon. Grandchildren turned it on somewhere in car. No info in Owners Manual on it. Even my factory-trained mechanic husband (retired) couldnt figure it out. :)

Number 1 cylinder not getting any spark when car accelerates. It's a brand new coil that I bought from dealer. When idles, everything works fine. As soon as I start driving, there is misfiring on that # 1 cylinder again.
I'm saying it because I did the test on all the cylinders and only #1 misfire when I drive.
Cylinder #1 misfire when the car is on drive. It's not getting any spark even thought it's a brand new coil.

Replaced transmission and neutral safety switch

Replaced neutral safety switch, but does not register on the dash any gears. I put in neutral again and starts

My blinkers are not working, when i turn them on, in my dash board they are blinking fast but outside there is no light, i've heard alot about changing the hazard lights switch but i don't know if that really is the problem, i want to see what it really is. Anyone have an idea?

Car was left sitting for 2 months

This has occurred twice on initial start up. On the first fail, the next day or two later, the ac fan started with the engine with no cooling issues. No lights failed &/or no alerts on the console. Engine sounds as if pulling energy when ac turned on. Ac setting (fan speed or temperature) adjust without problem but NO FAN AIR out of vents. What could it be? Thanks:)

Run properly. Can anyone help me?

I think this is the second radio manual didn't work