The speedometer did not work when I bought the audi.I am getting fault code p0501.i know it has to do with a sensor, but what sensor and where is it located in the car.

My coolant light shows up on the panel as soon as I start the car in the morning and disappears in 10-15 seconds. It it a major issue or just the sensor gone bad ?

I got the plug out of the transmission,cant seem to find out what weight of gear lub to put in it ?

I have a strange circular clip retaining the base metal of the existing lamp bulb. Not like all the other spring clamps of past. How do I get the thing off and on so I can change out headlamp bulbs?

i need gear brain box number of above mentioned car.

I bought a V-checker from www. uobd2.com, it encounter "comm.error"
1 - Control Module Selection Screen OK
2 - Engine Electronics Selection Screen OK
3 - Can Bus Mode Selection Screen OK
4 - Can Bus Mode Communicate Screen OK
5 - Comm. error!

anyone can help me?

Just wanna know how long to replace engine wanna take it to a mechanic?

I replace both O2 censor upstream, brandnew by bosh but still a ligh come on and the code is PO411 second air injection incorrect upstream flow detected. how can this be ? does anyone have a problem like this and how was fix?

Throttle body position sensor location? And will that faulty sensor cause automatic shifting problems? 1

my throttle body is new, but when i driving the pedal get stuck i have to release it in order to acelerate to gain speed does any body have any clue? I have read the opposite of acceleration without the food on the pedle thank you in advence.

My light on my dashboard keeps coming on for headlight sensors. I have had 2 replaced. How often should these be replaced? The cost is $225. Ouch!

FM works good, just the AM is weak. Is there a fuse for a built in booster? this Audi has a window antenna, I think it is with the rear defogger wiring...
Your help is greatly appreciated...
Dennis st1adat@hotmail.com

how to replace timing belt

How hard is it to replace front axels on this car.

How difficult is it to change the CV Boot? No damage yet and no vibration or indication of problems.

where are the fuel filter and fuel pump and how do I get to them to change them? The car will start for a second or two but then dies, it acts like it is not getting fuel. The car sat for a while and when we tried to start it we had to give it a jump but that didnt work so we baught a battery and like I sad it tries to start but wont.

my transmission don't change gears only 1,2 don't gears on 3,4,5 the codes are ok,im goint to replaced and i will like to know the cost,the AAMCO shop wants $2,800 to fix the tranny,i find on online one tranny with 37,000 miles for $1,000 so i will like to know, how much is the cost to replaced, an please let me know what is better fix it or replaced,thank you,,,miguel

i got code po171 system too lean bank 1, i replaced all braded vacum hoses clean maf sensor, change air filter and reset the computer. But after running 30 miles the engine leght came back on. what else is the problem with this? does the o2 sensor got to do something about this?

I have check engine light on,the I run scan showing Massage Idle Air Control System RPM Higher than expected.how do I go about this issue. Thanks

Blew the front transmission seal on my Audi,does anyone have any idea how much to fix it.I see prices on the seal but not the maintence.Thank you

What brand of power steering fluid does my car use and where can I buy it?

I had a new fule filter put on. About an hour later the trunk button went out. I had the fuses checked and they were fine.

I returned from running errands in the cold, parked and the next morning when I shifted into reverse it moved 3 ft and stopped. It is making a rattling sound when I shift into any gear as if it is not going into gear. It had no problems before this, didn't make any funny noises, shifted fine the day before. Please advise.

why is my oil crunchy?

The gear shift came off and I'm trying to put it back on. Does the white plastic piece have to be up or down when you put the shift handle on?

Is there a difference between an automatic engine or a manual engine? Will a manual engine work on a automatic engine?

i get crappy mileage on my 1999 a4. i'm assuming its the fuel filter and i think i found it, but i'm not sure.

Could someone help me w/ some instructions on accessing the blower motor in my 96' Audi A4? The farthest I have gotten was taking off the end cap. Ive looked in the manual but they do not have the instructions for the a4 in there only the volkswaggon. If someone had pics of how to do it on this Audi that would be appreciated also. Thanks

my cruise control will not stay set

when to change spark plugs