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Check engine came on with a P0304 and EPC light came on too. Roughly 80K milee on it. Misfires hard even after replacing spark plugs. What do I do next?
My heater is blowing just fine, but the heat will not get hot for a long time and when it finally dose get hot, it get really hot. Like the temp is not working properly. Dose this sound like a thermometer problem? A...
Help! I can't find the battery in my A-3! Does anyone know where to locate my battery? Anyone?
How much will this cost to fix roughly ? I'm unable to turn on the car .I'm assuming the ignition is recognizing that the car is on gear.. Screen display PRNDS flashing .any feedback on this will be grate!!! Thank You
Would not a 15,000 klm service suffice? The car is used regularly, but only for short distance shopping.
the car started at first ran for 30 seconds cut off and almost started a second time i am wondering if i connected the 2 hose side of the filter correctly maybe i switched hoses - i cant find a fuel line diagram to c...
When I turn on the car the air con automatically goes to the outside air setting. Then I drive, go through something that smells, and in it comes into the car because I can't seem to remember to put the AC on recircu...
trying to locate fuse for hazerd lights
The countdown has stopped and the spanner has appeared on the display. I would like to know how many miles I can safely drive without doing any long term damage. Thanks.
What is the approximate cost to get the following work done on a 2008 A3 2.0? Replace fuel pump Replace fog light Oil change Thank you
Car loses power even down gas pedal is at very bottom, turned off car then back on and the emission light comes on. Any suggestions on what might be and cost to repair?
The emission box had to be replaced after 2 months and since have had no problem with the car... THe othere day a light started to come on the car which i have since went to the garage with and the problem they say i...
Timming Belt cost and what is the recommended milage , Audi A3 2006
i dont know how to replace cam follower i believe its inside or near fuel pump. i also want to replace fuel filter dont know where that is either i believe thats by the fuel tank. i bought both online will try this w...
do i need torx and hex or will my standard sockets work if so do you know what size
electric windows work etc the engine just stopped, battery good, oil good, any suggestions? Thank you, Shelly 2006 A3 Audi
Can the recall for the rollover valve be done without removing the fuel tank
A friend of mine took her 2008 A3 to an auto tire repair shop to get a new fuel pump put in. I told her it would be a big mistake but she went for the lesser money. To make a long story short the monkey didn't know wh...
how where do I set up my shop ph# 815-692-4015
The scheduled maintenance sheet for my A3 shows rotate tires at 5K only? Do I need to rotate the tires only once or every 5K?
i have an audi a3 2006 with 89000 miles when do i have to change the timing belt and how much is it thanks
my audi is overheating.
Every time I turn right the wheels cracks, it was a mild noise at the beginning but now it's loud, like something breaks everytime I turn, and now it is even doing it when I'm just driving it slow and straight. what's...