what would cause my radiator fans not to be working

Stock 95 S-6 turbo five cylinder with 180,000 miles. It hesitates and surges when try to accelerate but runs ok as just cruise at even speed. Ran three bottles of BG44 to clean injectors and seemed to help initially but then started again. took off injectors and were spraying even pattern. Listened with stethoscope and all clicking about the same. took them out and all spraying same diamond pattern. replaced fuel filter. replaced plugs with Bosch from dealer. replaced connectors between coils and plugs. put on a new charger or activator that fires coils ( on firewall and plugs into 3 coils per activator) and made no improvement. Took to Audi dealer who charged $125 for diagnostic but he found no solution to the problem. Help would appreciate any suggestions of what else could be causing this problem.

I have a 2001 Audi allroad with 136,000 miles and I'm unsure of the transmission service history. The problem I'm currently having is with the torque converter. I hear most early 2000's models have this issue with a cracked seal on the torque converter. Anyway- I was told I could drive the car the way it is without many issues, only that I could expect worse gas mileage and for the transmission to occasionally pulsate when I accelerate. I just bought this car so it's been driving me crazy, I just want it to run the way its supposed to.

I spoke with my mechanic and he told me not to bother replacing the fluid or the torque converter because once the fluid is changed to something clean, the transmission gears could slip and fail. He suggested I just drive the car the way it is until the transmission fails... I'm not really happy with his solution to my problem.

Considering the mileage, is it possible for me to change the trans fluid and torque converter without worrying about having the transmission fail?

Where is the Thermostat located?

Car was running little hot, then ran hot hot for a few minutes and engine stopped, started one more time, enough to drive to a safe spot, still hot, stopped and won't start. Sounds weird when tries to start. Is this a timing problem or engine replacement?

I have been told by three repair places that my heater core needs replacing, I can't understand why it is so horribly expensive to replace such an inexpensive part. Are there any alternative to make my defroster work? I can live without a heater, but safety requires a defroster here on the coast. I have just spent $5,000 to get the car running without smoking or leaking, so I want to spend as little more money as possible to have a working defroster. Thank you SO much.

Any idea root cause of this phenomena on a 180,000 engine? Spark plugs replaced, Fuel system tuned up recently, replaced Fuel pressure regulator and still erratic.

Love my audi except for the electrical gremlins!! My cruise control only works when its hot???do I need a new computer control??

I brought my audi to my mechanics house and he said there was low compression in cylinder 2 and that it was 1500 to fix it. I checked all the basics and couldnt figure it out so i brought it to him. He first believed the timming belt was off and now believes it needs a valve job

My car has a fan roblem

i was going to buy this car but when i went to look at itthe abs light was on and the man said he could fix it but i would have to pay him alot more money so i didnt risk it and decided to not buy the car. I was curious how much would it have been to fix it? he said it had to do with the breaks and a tube?

Today I got an estimate from Audi for the exchange of the catalytic converter (driverside) of 4600,-, RepairPal estiamtes at max. 1193,- Can you name a mechanic who would the job for this money?

cant find where to install speed sensor for speedometer---not registering mph

Re-wire roter, re-fit altenator, start up, 15min alernator not charging again!! What could the problem be my friend??????

I have slippage in the trans (107,000 miles) and tiptronic not working properly, how much for a transmission?

I have a coolant leak on the rear left side of the motor.... I can see the drip just can't identify exactly where it's coming from. What could this problem be and possible estimate. 2003 Audi a4 1.8t quartto

A/C blowing hot; refrigerant low. Recharged and leaked again. Dye tested on 3 separate occasions at 3 different shops including Audi dealer, and leak not found. One mechanic told me the line runs under the dash at one point and he'd have to remove dash to check: $1000 labor whether fixed or not. Thoughts?

I have 138,000 miles and it was time to flush the coolant. I had it done at a Brakes Plus and now the coolant light has been coming on. I've been having to add coolant every couple weeks. The guys there told me they weren't familiar with Audis and that it was inevitable. They told me to take it to an Audi specialist and before I spend any more money some advice or previous experience would help! It seems weird that it's leaking now that they flushed it. Thanks!

r.p.m down when ascending upwards and low engine power in general

need to find the location of the sending unit in my 2000 Audi A6, 2.7.


I inherited this auto and it had overheated and it has been sitting for about 1 year. I am going to take it in and how will we know if it is just the head or if a new engine will be required? I know that they need to test the car but there was oil mixed with the coolant and isn't it just better to replace the engine (probably more expensive of course) than to mess around replacing the head gasket and having problems later or are head gasket jobs usually quite reliable

What is the resistance rating/number for the O2 sensors on a 98 Audi A6 Quattro

I noticed that after I had the oil changed in my Audi that it has a smokey smell. I have also noticed that whenever I brake at red lights I can see puffs of smoke coming out from under the hood(it seems to be on the right side) I have no idea if it is safe to drive-there are no lights on and it is not overheating.

Audi A6 transmission output shaft seal leak needs replaced.

When driving, I get a shake that seems to be from the front end at speeds above about 55 MPH. The weird thing is that it STOPS if I get to about 70MPH or faster. Any ideas what this could/would likely be? Thanks!

How do I go about getting the old axle out of my Audi? I have both ends loose but I can't seem to get enough room to wiggle the axle out. I have removed the shield from the transmission and took the bolt out of the bottom of the shock.

I can not get the hood of the car to open. The lever inside pops the hood but the front latch doesn't seem to be releasing. I would hate to pull too hard and break it. Any suggestions?

where is the starter in my 2001 s4 audi located and how do i remove it

where is this located