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Question: Performenance chip and major service
2000 Audi A6 Quattro, South Africa
Good day Readers.Thanks for all the expert advice.
I took my Audi A6 2.7T 2000 MODEL IN FOR A MAJOR SERIVE,I REQUESTED A PERFORMENANCE CHIP AND WAS TOLD IT IS FINE.After the car had been in for 4 weeks they told me they cannot put in a performenance chip as the car has 190.000 km and it will put a strain on the gearbox and they scared it might break the gearbox.I went to the workshop prior before they were finished and looked at the job card and it stated car does not select gears.Did they hurt my gearbox

If the dash gauge is showing 8 to 10 volts instead of the 14 it used to show, is the alternator bad? Battery is a little of a year old.

Is there a contrast adjustment for rear view mirrow with the auto diming feature?...The rear window is always difficult to see through..
The windows are tinted which adds to the problem...
Thanx for your help...

Got P1113 code, changed bank 1 sensor 1 w/ OE non-wired Bosch sensor. Code cleared w/ code computer, but check engine light is still lit. No other codes popping. Checked oil and gas caps, both tight. Will the CEL clear on it's own after a set # of miles, or is there another method to clear it, like disconnecting the battery?

I have a 04 Audi TT with 60,000 miles. Serviced regularly. There's an issue shifting from 1st , 2nd and 3rd. Sometimes falls back a gear. My car is an automatic. Took it to my mechanic Audi specialist, he hooked it up to the computer, it read NO ISSUES....there's a big freakin issue here. Help, before I get another whiplash and leave my tranny in the middle of the road!

do i have to press in the bushing

The engine is making a knocking sound at cold start up... If I rev it for a few seconds it goes away and will come back intermittently once its warmed up... I have replaced just about every bolt on part within the past year (Unrelated) Timing belt, tensioners, water pump, turbos, intercoolers, hoses, clutch, flywheel, ac compressor, starter, alternator, PS pump... I'm thinking it may be a cam tensioner what do you think?

My Audio rear parking lights (only the rear) come on in the middle of the night. The first time I had to replace the battery, no big deal it was starting to fade. The second time the new battery held up and I was able to start the car no problem. The light switch was in the auto position for both of these times. What causing this? Does it have anything to do with the very cold temperatures at the time (20 F)?

We have just started noticing that telltale growling, whining sound and slight pulling and chattering in the steering wheel when making sharp turns. Will adding pentosin hydraulic power steering fluid fend off a bigger problem, or should we flush and replace filter? How do I tell if the power steering pump might be needing replaced?
There is no repair manual for this vehicle...and we are not in the financial position to take it to a dealer for diagnostics and repair

Ok so I know this has been rehashed on multiple forums but I haven't seen once where the 03 A6 Quattro was the auto under discussion. About two weeks ago I got an MIL, a couple of days later it went off, then came back on after I filled up. So I pulled the error code and it was the OBD P0941 Torque Converter Solenoid Stuck Off message. I had code cleared. I talked to Audi service shop and they said that the only issue with this code would be decreased fuel economy. There is no need for transmission fluid flush or new TC. So my question is are they right? And if so I wouldn't want to drive around with my MIL constantly on, so is there anyway for the code to clear? Please help!!!

Good day Readers.Thanks for all the expert advice.
I took my Audi A6 2.7T 2000 MODEL IN FOR A MAJOR SERIVE,I REQUESTED A PERFORMENANCE CHIP AND WAS TOLD IT IS FINE.After the car had been in for 4 weeks they told me they cannot put in a performenance chip as the car has 190.000 km and it will put a strain on the gearbox and they scared it might break the gearbox.I went to the workshop prior before they were finished and looked at the job card and it stated car does not select gears.Did they mess up my gearbox. Thanks Anton

I put my car in reverse and it didn't even run back and the I gave it a little gas and it did not move it sounded as if I was reving the engine. The steering feels stiff. I tried to test the gear shift to see if it was just off track but it wasn't. After shutting down the car for a while(5mins) it reversed a bit but not all the way and stopped.

add these items to estimate

Can anyone please tell me if $1100 sounds fair for replacement of tie-rods and front left axel on an Audi A4 (year 2000)? Took 'er in for winterization and looksee today. Different repair show than I typically use. Moving to New England next month and want car to be up to the task. I was surprised to hear the tie rod ends were loose and falling apart and axel on front left side was bad. Does this quote seem fair (it includes alignment)? thanks!

my b6 s4 has been taking a long time to start in cold weather when i turn key the car does nothing all the normal ligts appear on the dash but the motor does not turn over. and after about a minute or so of turning key on then off it finally starts this only happens when cold . I just put a new battery in yesterday and its still doing it .

If I have a maintenance schedule and contract then the service is free. Also the dealer has all the parts how can the independent be less? Also does time go into play and a loaner???? My time is important. I think this needs some clarification

I have a 1998 Audi A6 Quattro and have been having problems but can't figure it out! My car died out a few months ago and I assumed it was either the Alternator and/or battery since I have a sound system installed. *The sound system has been in for close to a year before this problem started. However, my battery is still new fairly new, just not sure if it has taken a beating from my sound system... A friend of mine told me that when I jump start my car I could test my alternator by taking off the positive and negative wires from the battery. If it dies out it is the battery, if it stays running it is not the battery. When I did that, the car stayed running so I assume it is not the alternator. Not too sure if that is 100% guaranteed though.

So I jump started the car and it started right up. I drove it around for a few hours. Came home, turned off the car, waited for about 6 hours. When I went to start the car last night (after sitting for 6 hours) it started right up again, my girlfriend drove it for about an hour or so with no problems. The next morning (today) we went to start the car and it started just fine. My girlfriend was driving to work and when she went to check the mail, she turned off the car. When she came back to start the car it didn't start! So she had her dad come down and jump start the car. It started with no problems, then they drove it to his house to park it. Waiting for a diagnosis...

Any input / suggestions would be helpful.

Battery? Alternator? Or a short in the electrical somewhere?

Hello just recently my A6 from take off felt sluggish when first driving off. It fills as if I had the parking brake on when starting to drive off. Then as I build up speed it fills normal. Also on the instrument panel the selecter parking, drive and neautrul indicator does not show the position when car put in drive or any other position. It has been highlighted behind the letters. Does anyone have and idea ?

Had my audi smog check now the ECU fuse keeps on burning up, the car only turns but does not start.

were is the input turbine speed sensor located on transmission on my 202 audi A4 quattro turbo i keep getting cod #po717 input/turbine speed sensor A ciruit no signal

My audi is burning oil very fast and it smells like burnt oil in the cab when i drive. To the best of my knowledge and research this sounds like a leaky valve cover gasket. I am burning at least 2 quarts of oil a month. How easy is that to replace? should a shop do it? how expensive can it be? my email is

What is the main cause for a trans to get stuck in limp mode? Can you use a regular OBD2 scanner to pull codes or is the dealer the only one that can get them?

My speedometer is not working and the ABS/TRAC lights are on. These three things are all connected; occassionally they all work, but only for about 10 minutes. The check engine light is also on. Audi replaced speed sensor as well another sensor they thought was causing the check engine light. Did not work. They also checked the connections; did not work. Now they are recommending replacing the ABS control module ($2100). Is this really the problem?

car died on me couple of weeks ago, before hand, i had the feul distributor replaced, and was going ok, only sometime when ive been driving it, i go to start it up again it takes two trys for it to start, ive put in another distributor hoping that it will work, when i go to start it, it trys to start, but wouldnt hold a start, ive taken off one of the leads to see if the feul is going through the distributor but there is only feul going through one lead that connects to the feul injector, at the same time its draining out my battery, when i try to turn the car on, i can hear a rumbling noise from the rear, as if there is a radio antaner on the rear trying to deploy, but sounds very sick, as if its struggling to deploy, the car trys to start but every time i try to turn it on it dosnt hold a start, when i drove it on the day that it died on me, the car suddenly lost power and the car came to a stop. Went to start the car, the motor will turn but would not start. can anyone please help me with car problem or does anyone out there know what the problem is?

where is the oil filter located on this model

what are the symptoms of a bad crankshaft position sensor?

Why would my GPS stop working?

So i let my buddy borrow by '01 TT Quattro for a night. When he brought it back the next day I started it up and could smell hot/burning clutch. I depress the clutch and it feels normal but when the engine is running it will not go into gear. When the engine is off however it will. So the clutch is not disengaging in order to put it in gear. What would cause this problem along with the burning smell. Is it something minor like the clutch master cylinder is messed up or is it worse than that?

Sun visor clip broke off on passenger side.

need to know when the belt tensioner is located on the engin replacing altenator and there is not a diagram to be found.