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When I run my A/C, the righ rear passanger floor fills with water (from the evaporater) Where to I find the evaporator so I can check the drain hose?
where are the spark plugs on this thing i cant seem to find them?
my car is great but im having a problem if i stop it want shift into 1st on its on... what is the problem
I have a tappin sound at the top of engine where the timing belt is at what is that noise
checked and replaced bulb. switched fixture left to right no luck.
When you open the door on the '07 Beetle convertible, the window drops slightly. Lately, it has stopped doing that. Any idea what would cause this?
I just replaced my clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder. I bled the system several times to expell any air. I have low clutch pedal/effort( won't disengage clutch ) until I pump the pedal about 30 times. It wo...
where do I put the trans fluid in the s430
Can the A/C condenser be repaired instead of bring replaced?
id like to know if a faulty gas cap would cause trouble codes po 171 and 174.when i bought this vehicle the check engine light came on shortly after. i took it to the place of purchace and told them the first code w...
where exactly is the windsheild wiper motor located and how to do get to it?
Just picked up car from shop where they replaced the timing belt, the engine light came on as we were driving home - what does this mean? Thanks
My battery died and now my radio is asking for the code which i do have and when i input the code it still comes up as a error what do i have to do to get my radio working again
I swapped my 93 4.0 with a 97 4.0 and apparently the 97 only uses on sensor for the coolant temperture and the gauge where my 93 wiring is for two separate units. Is there a way to adapt the 93 wiring to the 97 single...
AC controls work properly on level ground but when I start up an incline the air is directed to Defrost. There is probably a leak in the lines or a bad diaphram control. Have check all under hood lines with vaccum g...