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my 1988 gmc jimmy backfires through the throttle body and looses pressure when driving , and cuts off. can anyone help me?
My car is starting to vibrate and it is only getting worse. Ive had it checked and it is the engine mounts. I have been told numerous times that the engine mounts have a life time warranty from the dealer or maker? Is...
when switch is turned to LO or Hi or INT wiper does not operate but sometimes does operate intermittently and then stops operating
I have a 1999 nissan sentra and for some reason it's shutting off all the time. If I'm stopped at a light it starts stuttering then will shut off if I don't put it in Neutral and give it some gas. The rpm's go down th...
I replaced the spark plugs and had to remove the top of the engine. Now it idles really high and makes it hard to shift and stop. What could be the problems. I have already checked the throttle cables and they are ...
while car is in garage, lights will come on and off intermittently,I have turned the autolamp to OFF position, but problem still occurs. What can be done? Must stay on for long periods too as battery has been drained ...
will i have to replace the intake geasket during a spark plug replacement?
whyc the malfunction indicator lamp is on?
After installing my new struts the dampener shaft is coming up through the strut mount. Where did I go wrong? ( I hope I got the terminology right!)
need instructions on how to change the timing belt
how do u replace
Last week it would shut down two seconds after starting and after six tries I gave up. it started fine the next day and started easily every day since until this evening, when it did it again.
misfire; catalitic converter got hot; trac off light on? service engine soon light blinking. checked: plugs replaced catalic converter removed no change
When I turn on the AC and even after its been running a while I get warm air out of the driver vents and cold air out of the passenger vents. Its a climate control system. Why does it do that I wonder?