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It doesnt blow smoke till its ran for awhile. It uses oil but no leaks. HELP!!!!
where is the location of the power steering refill cap located on the engine
My skid control light is on, and VGRS is showing on the dash. Pls any ideas?
There is a small leak from the front of the car somewhere. Its a kinda yellowish/orangish looking stuff, I have only seen it on the ground a day or so after I have parked there, it's comming from looks almost like the...
This code has popped up continuisly, and check oil level, got the oil changed, still popped up, but the p0174 code won't go away, don't know exactly what is wrong with it. I know it could be one of numerous problems, ...
my car cut out while driving and wont start back up. Theres no check engine light illuminating and all the fuses, sparkplugs and battery seem to be in good condition. I've considered replacing the starter solenoid and...
I get in the car and try any and all settings, nothing comes out. I pop the hood to see if there is anything obvious, I jiggle a set of wires that looks like it heads into the dash area, get back in the car, magically...
where is the battery located?
I have a 2001 Ford Escape. I recently replaced the battery and alternator and now have to complete a drive cycle before it can pass emissions. After driving 300 miles, it still will not pass the Evaporative Emission a...
immediately after start up there is a sound similar to ice cubes sloshing around in a drink coming from under the dash board. Any thoughts? Thanks
where is the maf sensor located
Changed plugs, cap, rotor, wires and still having idle issues. Runs fine at speed but drops down to 400 rpm or less at idle then back to 650 until engine stalls. I have yet to see a check engine light.
I have a problem when filling up the fuel tank. The fule nozzle cannot be left un attended as it shuts off all the time.
just put in new crank sensor and fuel filter
Why all of a sudden would my a/c only blow warm air?